Potjiekos compitition

On May the first the Elandsvlei Conservancy hosted their annual Potjiekos cook of in the back of our plot… Being the hosts Myself Stiffla, Will, Durka-Durka, Poffie, the captain, Coetzee and other members of the supporting cast took it upon ourselves to make sure that the day would not die a quite death.
Dressed as bush fighters or Guirellas the boys were given a chance to show off their pellet guns and knife collection.
We puffed the hubbly and actually cooked a pot or two… mine admittedly burnt and I whent from first place defending champ to shamefull charcoal producer, However The captain and Durka-Durka had a better day and their huny and mustard eishbein pot took third place (they won an ice bucket, and Ice bucket that will soon be converted into a captain sized scotch glass).
We also took home the prize for best spirit of the day… the prize was alcahol so we didnt really take it hom (there was none left within seconds). the conservancy apparently doesnt do refills on prize’s.
We partied long into the night and by the next morning we had already started planning for next years compitition.

The next conservancy event is a criptic car rally… we always do badly in this because we talk too much shit to actually navigate the coars but it makes for good pics so we will keep you posted….!

Dont we just give you the warm and fuzzies

The love!!!! oh the love!!!!

We actually made the news pappers with this one

your about too see proof that Will and Stiff are indeed family

the confusion on Wills face while trying to figure out what side of the hubbly to suck

That thing behind the eyebrows…. thats Will!

We Were a jolly bregade of Cut Throughts, as Stiffla and The captain so sweetly display

Naturally the Hubbly was puffing away…Please explain to me why everybody over 40 still thinks hubblies are for opium?

My Little sister was tasked with collecting all the entrance fees and getting all the pots to the judges. she has been fired as a co conspiritor since someone beet us to the first prize

The captain and I with His Eishbein pot that took third place

The whole Corps at camp.


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