The Misfits Miss a game at Loftus  

Stiffla and I gave will two tickets to go see the sharks play the bulls on loftus for his birthday, naturally we can do nothing without our friends so everybody joined in. Problem was that we ended up watching the game from hatfield squar because all the tickets were sold when we got there. It was still a blast and we finished 13 fishbowls between us.

  1. hepicture-006.jpgpicture-008.jpgpicture-009.jpgpicture-010.jpgpicture-011.jpgDurca-durca and Coetzee share a drinkstiffla watching the gameId rather support a shark than a bullhahaha what a clownPoffie and his FishbowlDurka Durka drinks fishbowls at hatfieldStiffla and the CaptianWill fighting a losing battle

Look at the diffs between my and the captains handsWill and his mates


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