My Tarrot card reading …

•May 28, 2008 • 13 Comments


Howzit guys….

I know, I know. It’s been a helleva long time since I posted …….. anything. I’m back from a weeks leave which I sat at home for some R&R and I’m back today doing nothing for now and I can’t go home cause I have an apointment at 13:00….

Ok, so back to the topic at hand. Some time ago I did my tarrot reading and got some confusing content if I can call it that. 1ST of all, I read that my relationship with Lee will come to an end, which did as all of you know. 2nd of all the reading said I will be very succesful in my carreer which I very chuffed with.

The 3rd one was my problem. I still live with Lee and on the plot. Her family is like my family. I do not wat to move away as I have endless joys there. Yesterday night, I couldn’t sleep, so I switch on my laptop and log on. I check my email and notice a name I do not know and it’s coming from my company but from the US of A. Shocked to see this I though I’ve done something wrong but that was nothing compared to what I saw when I opened my mail. The guys from IBM US saw my cv online and wants to do an online interview with me. That’s right. I may just be moving to the US. What is scary about this fact is that my cards revealed that I may move internationaly….

Anyway… We will se what happens in time … I’ll keep you guys posted…












Ink break-ups and confessions

•May 22, 2008 • 11 Comments

So heres an update that is gonna make your head spin.

Since I last saw you guys much has happened

Th biggest being the fact that Stiff and I decided to call it quits. we didnt fight and we are still best friends but we realised that our relationship lacked spark and that we may aswell get out before we start fighting

The second being that both Stiffla and I got our first tattoos on Saturday and Sunday. Angel is proud of me I can tel. It wasnt almost as painfull as I would have thought it would be and I would definitly do it again. Stiffla got a pentacle on his chest that looks like the neclace I got him for christmas and I got a humming bird on my back… Johan used to call me suikerbekkie so the tatt is apt it looks like the one in the pic only mine has no color.


And the third is a confession.
I think I am a smoker
I am not proud of this but atmitting it is half way to recovery, it was the hubbly I swear it, thats how the cravings started, now I smoke when I drive and when I socialise its terrible!



Proudly pagan

•May 13, 2008 • 16 Comments

Ladies and Gents I am a pagan!

If you feel you can’t be my friend because of that please leave now cos you’re screwing with my chakras.

This is not as silly as it sounds.

 Today a friend of mine was rejected by an acquaintance because he was not a Christian.

The acquaintance spoke of his religious views like it was a shameful thing, phrases like “what would your parents say” and “look at what the wrong kind of friends do to you” were flung  around.

Now well it is her prerogative and right to befriend who ever she likes, it is the closed minded bigotry that drives me straight up the wall.

This is a person who sits in church every Sunday and listens to the preacher speak of gods love for all creatures and then turns around and does exactly the opposite.

Love thy neighbor but only if they go to your church worship your god and share your views.


I am sorry people but this is why I am glad I am a pagan.

Years of being burnt at the steak tortured and driven underground have taught us humility instead of the smug self righteous holier than though air with which we are still rejected today.

We accept all and promote questioning minds instead of oppressing them our bodies truly are our temples and we are not ashamed of them


I am a pagan, I am a pagan I believe in my own power and the influence nature and the abstract have on me.

I am a Pagan and I am proud of it.


Below I have added the code of principals for pagans as set out by the pagan council of South-africa. They are principals we should all strive to embody


• As Pagans we recognize humanity’s duty towards the environment and acknowledge that Nature is our Mother and teacher. We should strive to protect Her and to live in harmony with Nature.
• We acknowledge the interconnectedness of everything and should therefore strive to practice kindness, generosity, hospitality and cooperation. We should strive for the promotion and enhancement of the Divinity within human beings.

• We acknowledge equality of the sexes and should therefore not regard one above the other. We accept both the male and female nature of the Divine.

• We should honour those who teach and acknowledge those who have given themselves in leadership to the revival and advancement of Paganism.

• We should avoid gossip and the repetition of unverified facts, and avoid passing judgment on others. We should not promote a spirit of animosity towards other religious paths. Ours should be a spirit of forthrightness and a lack of guile.

• Honour is a sacred virtue. Let our actions be upright, causing harm to none. We should at all costs, avoid deceit, exploitation of others, fraud, violence, theft, abusive behaviour, and any form of action deemed detrimental to society.

• We believe in religious freedom and should therefore be tolerant and accepting of other Pagan and non-Pagan spiritualities and religions.

• We should remain true to our highest selves and strive to act with wisdom and strive never to do anything that would bring our religion and spirituality into disrepute.

• We should be honest with others and let them know that we expect nothing less from them. Our word should be our bond.

• Pagans should strive to obey the just laws of the land and its government. Pagans should reject any concept of divinely prescribed law that regulates the behaviour of humans other than the restriction of harming the environment and all sentient beings.

• Pagans should strive to act with dignity. Let our words, thoughts and actions be in line with our philosophy of life, respect and reverence towards all.
Pagans should be open-minded, liberal, think progressively and be non-judgmental.

• A Pagan should practice virtue, tolerance and forbearance, strive for beauty, liberty and inner freedom, as well as towards excellence in all things. Pagans should practice deliberation, directness and act in a civilized and humane manner, always demonstrating empathy for others.

• As Pagans we accept the immanent nature of the Divine and reject any notion of a transcendent Creator. Pagans should strive for the abolishment of the traditional Western distinction between magic and religion. Paganism is a mystery religion and its essence lies in the creative performance of ritual. It is both an eclectic and a protean Path. Pagans should aim at being close to the Gods and to understand the proximity of the Divine.

• As Pagans reserve the right to preserve our cultural and Pagan heritage and traditions in the form of rituals, doctrines, practices, garb, paraphernalia and
religious holy days.

• As Pagans we believe that service to humanity and the environment is service to the Gods.



Tuesday is better than monday

•May 13, 2008 • 2 Comments

The blog is slowly becoming something that I can be proud of. Renamed Hotpants and Hang-up’s and given a new look I hope to be able to give it alot of attention soon.

I am having some other problems too that I cant totally discuss now but I am hoping that soon these will be sorted out too… this is a big issue and while I would love to vent I cant

I am however going to ask you to go have a listen to Within temptation… they are one of my new favs and dang do they look so hot



•May 9, 2008 • 5 Comments

It would sound like a complaint if I told you that this week was soooo short, so I am not gonna say it. While I am extatic that the weekend is just outside the door I am rather worried about the fact that I am struggling to finish everything that needs to be finished.

I hate the driving its a waste of time in my opinion and I just dont have the patience needed to deal with Taxi’s. damn I hate Taxi’s I wish someone would outlaw them….. but thats just me.

You have probably noticed that I have not gotten around to everybodies blogs yet and for that I am truely sorry but duty calls and I never get to read a whole post between phone and cellphone cals and the general mad rush tha is my life right now.

But I do enjoy your comments though… I had such a good laugh at the thought of our Sweets sitting around drawing on her toes…

Just a short update sothat everybody is up to date: Will is no longer with Pigglet…the boy is playing the field again and though its sad to say, he is happier than ever.

I am not getting married, possibly ever, its a dumb idee and the though of it simply suffocates me… I am sure this is why I was totlly unable to plan the damn thing. so thats that then. Stiffla and I have not yet discussed the way forward but we will at some point I suppose.

Gym is working for me again, and last night a friend of ours moved from his gym to ours and swore to make Will buff if it kills him. after a short demonstration last night I doubt that my friend is the one who needs to live in fear of death but rather Will.

I am going to be taking before Pictures tonight and I fully intend posting his progress and any other embarrising details that may occure along the way up here very soon. 🙂 🙂 🙂

The picture above is my pic of the week. its called “decorative pair and hope to give you a link to the artist’s page very soon sothat you can enjoy his other workds aswel.

I love this one and the rest are just as good!





10 Things I would like to say to people one day

•May 6, 2008 • 5 Comments

1) I don’t suffer from stress. I’m a carrier
2) Insanity is my only means of relaxation
3) Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s hand grenades I throw
4) When all else fails manipulate the data
5) Where there’s a will, I want to be in it
6) Is it time for your medication or mine?
7) All stressed out and no one to choke
8) Out of Body. Back in Five Minutes
9) Does killing time damage eternity?
10) Everyone is entitled to my opinion

A Shot at Humanity

•May 5, 2008 • 4 Comments

Mugabe and the Devil

And Mugabe awoke with a hoof on his throat and he struggled and howled to be

free, And tripped on the racks of his English shoes and clawed at his

English suits,

And crashed down the unlit corridors where his wife has collected her loot,

Screaming “You may not condemn me – there are by-laws and statutes and


But the Devil replied “God’s law trumps that, and by his law you’re mine.”

Come, see what you’ve done to your people, see what you’ve done to your


And then I’ll haul you back into the light, and see if you understand;

Then the Devil seized him by his neck and dragged him up into the night

And Bob hung limp, for one against one was not his idea of a fight

They spiralled down to a wasteland, and Mugabe sprawled on his face,

“Spare me, spare me” he whimpered, “spare me this terrible place”,

For he saw charred beams and scattered bricks, filth and ruin and weeds,

And through the dawn came children, sifting the dust for seeds.

“Eight years ago” said the Devil, “this place was heavy with maize,

There was fruit on the trees and crops in the earth and grass for the cows

to graze,

It was farmed by those who loved the soil, who knew it and tended it well,

And now it’s farmed by cellphone, from the Monomotapa hotel.”

“Racist” screamed Mugabe, “Imperialist, Colonist, Queer!

These people are free, that’s down to me and that’s why I rule here!”

“Free to do what?” asked the Devil, “to cower and cringe to survive?

The farms are going, the work is gone, now only your thugs can thrive,

Preying on women and children, feeding on horror and fear,

Flying flags of hate and despair that had no business here;

Look at your mindless militias, look in each alien face,

Condemned by their own insanity, exiled for life from the race,

Watch them go into action, cheer as they take up the fight,

Beating up Zimbabweans for the crime of being white,

Red-eyed from drink, thick-tongued from drugs, watch them go off on a spree

Burning the homes of Africans who dared to be honestly free.”

Mugabe licked his lips and whispered, “All freedom comes at a price,”

“Indeed?” said the Devil “And for the record – what was your sacrifice?

Did you give blood to the struggle? How manytimes were you mortared?

Or did you play politics in a hotel, and wait till your rivals were


If ever you tasted honour or pain those tastes were long since forgotten,

Eclipsed by the flavours of power and greed, the aromas of all that is


Come, Mugabe” and up they flew and soared over country and town

And each time they swooped, hunger and horror reached up to pull them down,

And the souls of children streamed past them, and on and up into the light

And Mugabe whimpered and twisted, to shield his eyes from the sight

“Sons of despair,” said the Devil “and daughters of desolate selves,

It’s the West that gives food to your people, while your cronies are

stuffing themselves, The West you despise and prosecute is the innocent’s

sponsor and friend,

But when your young ‘veterans’ seize the supplies, these fragile lives have

to end;”

“I did not know,” croaked Mugabe and the Devil applauded with glee:

“Save your lies for Mbeki, they make no impression on me.

Now, look at the shuttered factories, look at the overnight queues.”

“Blame the British,” Bob stammered, “the whites, the Norwegians, the Jews.”

But the streets sent up a whisper, a whisper as loud as a roar:

“The old man who stole three elections – it’s time that we showed him the


A scream rose up from the city, a scream rose up from a cell,

And the Devil plunged them into the earth and a cameo from hell

Of shadowed figures with smiling lips that shone with delight and disdain,

Of a body convulsing and wrenching, shaking apart from the pain;

“Applaud your police,” said the Devil, “corrupted beyond repair,

And caress the electrodes, the batons and guns, and the innocent tied to the


But as Mugabe stretched out his hand the scene was gone in a flash,

And he stared instead at a drive full of Mercs and a house full of money and


And then at the gloom of an upstairs room, heavy with malice and lies,

Where fat men sat and talked poison, avoiding each others’ eyes:

“Here are your generals,” the Devil hissed, “your ministers, judges and


They have fortunes and forex and farms they can’t farm, it’s only a future

they lack,

Do they flee for Malaysia , Libya , France with their women and all they can


Or do they just turn and remove you, and claim dispensation for that?

Look at the wealth that seeps from them, and then hold your nose at the


Of the paltry crew that cleave to you, the cowards, the fools and the


See them plotting and scheming; hear your folly despised,

Even your reptiles want you gone – you made them, are you surprised?

Now do you know what you are Mugabe, now do you understand?

You’re the Lord of the bloated thousand, and King of an empty land.

What gave you most pleasure Mugabe? Which wickedness tasted most sweet? The

mass murder of Ndebele? The children with nothing to eat?

The whites you had casually butchered? The election results that you


Or the war that you fought in the Congo , for diamond commissions arranged?

The perversion of half of the system? The enrichment of those you despise?

The limos and money and power? The lies and the lies and the lies?

I ought to admire you Mugabe; you’ve certainly earned your hellfire,

And all for small motives, self interest and fear, that aspect I have to


Better by far that you never had lived, Robert Gabriel,

The world will heal the wounds you’ve left, but I cannot heal you in hell!”

Then the Devil’s right hand grabbed Mugabe, and Mugabe he screamed in his


And scrabbled and pleaded and whimpered and begged.

And awoke to an African night,

And sweated and panted and shuddered, calling his aides to his side,

Reconstituting his ego, his vanity, evil and pride,

But then screamed again, recoiling, from that he could not bear to see:

The slogans burning his eyes from the walls and the words. we want to be


Enough is enough! Zvakwana!! Sokwanele!!

The Devil meandered down Second, and strolled up Samora Machel,

“The brave will inherit,” he murmured, “when I have Mugabe in hell:

And the dawn will return to Zimbabwe , and children will learn how to smile,

Zimbabwe is one of God’s countries. but at least it was mine for a while