The Lee List

22 years ago the first episode of the Oprah show aired.

Oprah said I don’t know if this show will be a success but it would be nice if you tune in next week.

I suppose being the most influential woman in the western world is a lofty ambition even for Oprah but low and behold today in 2008 if Oprah’s face is on it, it sells.


So in honor of her I have compiled the spring addition of Lee’s favorite things its called the Lee list and the great thing about the Lee list is the fact that you may actually be able to afford one or two things on this list.


1)Givenchy Verry Irresistible

Retails:R400-R700 (Yes I know I find if you save diligently for six months to buy it and only use one spray on special occasions its not a bad buy)

I love this perfume it is without a doubt my favorite perfume, it doesn’t smell remotely like anything you’ve ever smelt and is beyond sexy.



2)Radox Bath oil


I cannot live without this stuff lately, especially in winter. It makes your bath water all nice and milky and the smell relaxes you so much that you can easily forget that you are lying in a tub of your own filth


3)Foschini (world wide wear) anti ass crack jeans.

Retails R…..who knows I have an account.

I got myself a pair of these last week and wore them to the drifting on Saturday. They rock! Not only are they killer sexy the waist at the back of the jean is a bit higher than the super low front. Why?

Well its to prevent Plummer cleavage when you sit down. Its soooo cool!



R (this is a web sight dumb ass)

I accidentally stumbled upon this sight one day and have read the entire content. Its filled with lists and stories about odd things around the world its an excellent boredom killer with the extra advantage of being able to stand around a braai and say “hey Boet did you know hey”. Go check it out it rules.


5)Global Wraps

R32 per large wrap.

I love wraps and pita meals and stuff but there is not a place in the world that can make a wrap like global wraps and they have the bestest best fillings in da world.


6)Nokia 6110 navi

R get a contract dude

The best thing that has happened to me since I got my car. I don’t get lost anymore and I don’t have to have 6 different gadgets that I cant work to do all my shit. Now I have GPS mobile internet an MP3 player and all sorts of other goodies on one gadget that I cant work.



7)News café rose martini’s

Retails R50-00 for a sexy waiter or whatever the menu tells you for a ikky waiter

I love these things I cannot get enough of them and as soon as Chaz teaches me the cherry stem trick it will become an important part of my vamp arson.


8) Durex cherry flavored lube

Retails R40something I think

Do I have to explain this to you?


9) My new In basket.

A few days ago I put my dustbin on my desk and marked it “IN” my work load has subsequently been depleted to near bugger all   


10) Flex bender

Retails R100 per bottle

Anybody will tell you I love Jack Daniels and Lime. However my hush money is not sufficient to cover a month’s supply of Jack and Lime. Flex bender however costs R70 less and tastes exactly the same


There you have it

Tune in next week when we will be discussing why all men are assholes


~ by nosjunkie on September 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Lee List”

  1. Christ, I hate Opera.

  2. very cvery cool! i just got a bottle of vera wang’s “princess” and its divine!!!

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