When will it all end

My Tarrot reading says that this too shall pass and things will eventually start looking up. While I trust that all this is true it doesn’t change the fact that I am still stuck in this draining period in my life where it seems that everything is hanging by a very thin, rapidly fraying string.

Business is bad! I mean really bad. High costs of living sky high interest rates and the fact that the banks keep finding ways to screw me around has made it virtually impossible to keep my head above water. I am scared shitless and at this point I am willing to take a pay cut if it means a bit of job security.

I really am incredibly hard working and ambitious but it is getting to me that I have to spend half of every week day apologising for things that are either not my fault or are completely out of my hands.

Stiffla and I are good mates again and we have started to piece together the scattered bits and pieces of a circle of friends who have taken 2 incredibly hard knocks these past few months. we are getting there but everybody is still walking on egg shells.


~ by nosjunkie on August 28, 2008.

4 Responses to “When will it all end”

  1. Lee….. add me to your blog…. I will add you as well


  2. Oh, man, that really bites…it seems to be happening everywhere.

  3. You believe in Tarrot shit? I’m disappointed… Good to see you’re getting the band back together, though! Rock on. As you were!

  4. strongs girl, i’m glad to see you’re still around.

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