Please help:Developing pilles

It is wednessdag and I am only now emerging from this very depressing weekend.

Stiffla and Will moved out this weekend and it seemed to me that Will was the only one taking it in his stride, the rest of us painted a rather odd picture as the missfits slipt into their farious coping mechanisms.
I naturally got angry and shouted at people like I do when I have to deal with any uncomfortable or uncommon situation, Stiffla, having never experienced sadness in his life before stood around staring into space like an onld bull buffalo who had been in the tall grass too long, Poffie got sad as he does and pretended the sky was falling on him, Durka remained the calm voice of reason while the Captian attached himself to a bottle of rum.

It was knock I admit it but we are coming through it. And we will be fine, all of us have to adjust to new things.
Will has gotten back together with the Piglett and he will be adjusting to being part of a whole in stead of be part of an ass holl,
Stiffla is bein a batchelor in the full sense of the world and has found that there are woman in the world who are attracted to his unpolished obnoxious veniere.
Hes getting a whole helluva lot of help fom me.
I am more than happy to give him this help because I am cowering away from that I now live alone



Alone without a lounge suite TV unit and fridge I might add.
My lack of household comforts is a result of another whole long storie that I dont care to relate now, the point is though that I have a bare empty lounge with nothing to sit on but a cold floor that holds nothing but the unthinkable prospects of piles.

Being single is nothing like I thought it would be. Instead of wanting male attention I find myself wanting to tell them to go get stuffed so I can spend all my money on my car.
Imagine that.

I have signed onto a few new forums joined some facebook groups and am back to reading the SNS from cover to cover. This is the real Lee I think and I like her a lot more that the mothering wifey type.

I imagine that its because I never ever had the chance to be the irresponsible youth that most people have. I was kid then I was an adult.
My money had gaps to fill from the day I left school and boosing and boosting became those far off things to me.

THAT IS GOING TO CHANGE by this time next year I intend to ahev a few SPL blings to adorn my mantel, even if I dont have a mantel.

Naturally the pics will be posted up here I am so snap happy after all.

Completely off topic.

The other thing about being single is the fact that all relationships are new now and I am a sceptic, convinced that love doesnt last longer than two weeks and that in the end no matter how hard you try your gonna hate one another and you are gonna slip into a rut.

I can handle all this but what I dread with every fibre in my being is meeting the family. It doesnt matter what way I look at this situation it sucks, its painfull because regardless of wether you like these new people you want them to like you. Its like being strapped to a dentists chair waiting for your teeth to be ripped out of your skull.

Why am I pretending like this is something you want to hear.
Well because this is my blog and I am allowed to vent! this weekend I am meeting Batmans brother (I will tell you about Batman later)

Batman is a crafty bugger. I had been aware that this visit would be taking place this weekend however it was not till after I had agreed that I found out that this visit would span over two days and a night.

Thus far I have stood in the middle of the road without being hit by anything other than a gust of wind that blew my skirt up. I have tried to chew my wrists off but found that I lack the apitite for Lee Sushi, I have gone shopping for a microwave that goes with the door open but had no luck and was caught by the jump captain when I tried to loosen the knot in the bunjee cord.

Unless I come down with the flesh eating virus, swallow my cat or fall into a pot hole before friday I am doomed to do two of the most unthinkable things, either tel Batty that i really dont want to go or chicken out and actually go. Either way I doubt that the flimsy string that holds this relationship up can shoulder the strain.

I am single now so I reserve the right to sulk and feel sorry for myself besides I havent blogged in such a long time that I doubt anybody reads this shit



~ by nosjunkie on July 2, 2008.

6 Responses to “Please help:Developing pilles”

  1. Somebody just read this shit….

  2. i read it! i read it!
    hang in there lee… as sweets likes to say, “this too shall pass”.
    it does get easier with time- just don’t beat yourself up too much. beat your blog up instead- thats what its here for!

  3. i read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    woooo hoooo

    The single thing will get better as well as life in general!
    Sulk all you want, you won’t be able to keep that up, not with the good JuJu I’m sending!

  4. hey you! i read it too… the whole thing 🙂
    you’re hooking up with my ex… batman??
    run baby run!!! 🙂 just kidding…
    vent all you want, no harm in that…
    hang in there ok? (hugs)

  5. I read it too.


  6. I know the single thing sucks at first. Its good to rant, get it out – you’ll feel better for it.
    Hope everything is looking up for you SF

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