They Kick before they die

Yesterday I had a moment of weaknes. I had a tiney bitch fit about something that I knew would sort itself out. These are the last convultions of a dieing life. They will soon pass and like most things that die soon I will only remember the things that help me heal.

Stiffla has been going though the death throughs aswel… this whole situation has changed the man so much I barely recognise him. Hes become fliry and loving as apposed to the fridged shit stirer I delt with. Hes letting the romance into his life and I believe enjoying it too.

Hes my friend and I will always always love him, that is why I would like to share something with you.

This morning when I signed onto msn an ofline message was waiting for me .

Stiffla had writen me a poem:

Strength of day, Strenght of night.

Give us strength beyond our sight

I know it’s difficult, for me and her.

I know she’s got pain, but so do I

I will always love her, I dont know why.


O strenght of day, Strenght of night.

Give her strenght, beyond her sight.

I know she is strong, She always been

I know she kind, but sometimes mean

I will always love her, it makes me cry


O strenght of day, Strenght of night

Give me strenght, beyond my sight

I know I can be cruel, It makes me sick

But we will always be friends, and we’ll always click

I will always love her, no matter what

I’ll always be there for her, till life takes it’s cut



~ by nosjunkie on June 20, 2008.

7 Responses to “They Kick before they die”

  1. Just 4 you hun …

    And yes, I am starting to grow a romantic bone…
    and enjoying it !!

    Njoy your day

  2. That is beautiful.

  3. thats beautiful…

  4. Wow I’m impressed

  5. Lee,

    I haven’t been here in a while, work and life have kept me at bay from blogs a bit.

    I’m thinking of all three of you, well done to Stiffla on that poem, it is beautiful.

    Lots of hugs

  6. good poem.

  7. WOW bro..

    Never thought you have a creative bone in you nevermind the romantic one

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