The devorce settlement

It is becoming imperitave that I either locate the textbook on clean and effortless breakups or one of those microwaves that workes while the doors are open.

having a moment or two for reflection has made me see exactly how “not cool” this breakup is. We are trying too hard to be nice to one another and there is a huge fight looming about who gets to keep which friends and what becomes of the social structure we have developed.

The last few weeks have been my time to get used to the idee that I am single, that Stiffla and I are no longer, and that I should consider where to from here.

I was just getting used to the idee that marige and mundane bliss is not for me when the next issue popped up.

It seems my few weeks of solitude (that I thought would give stiff a chance to get ofer it) have made our friends think that I had abandonned them.

Now I am not considered when plans are made nor am I even invited… and I am completely fucking upset about it.

I neva play for anybodies attention ever, and I wont do it now. but I am starting to realise that perhaps I really just was the “Hulle” at the end of “DeWet Hulle” a lowly variable that can be changed as the mood changes.

I know that the people I am entertaining now are simply flights of the moment and will evapoprate soon enough, but I had kinna hoped that 4 weekends away from the people I considered my friends would not desolve me.

am I an idiot am I wanting to have my cake and eat it or am I really being fucked over





~ by nosjunkie on June 19, 2008.

6 Responses to “The devorce settlement”

  1. All I know-you don’t seem the type to just sit and let everyone else decide what is going on.

  2. oh crap lee… i reckon thats the totally worst part of a split, the whole dividing of the “yours”, “mine” and “ours”.
    hang in there girl, it doesn’t last forever- and you’re allowed to be pissed off and sad.
    i wish i could wave my magic sitcom wand and fix everything for you- but i broke it a while ago and i’m still waiting for the replacement…

  3. Thanks guys you Rule, I admit I am having fleeting moments during which I lose my composure but hey thats just part of it I suppose
    Its all gonna be okay in a while I know this to be true

  4. this is tough… hope it all works out… and quickly!!!

  5. Lee, things are bit difficult now … I know
    I know once we moved out everything will soon te be back to normal
    WE are still the life of the party !!!!

  6. Everything will work out fine. Just tell your friends that they are still your friends, and you’ll get back to them after you work everything out. They’ll understand when they realize that you’re just distracted. A little communication goes a long way.

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