Virgin Ground

I haven’t seen you guys in a while but adjusting to the changes in my life have been keeping me rather busy. I can without a doubt say that this breakup has been the most difficult one I have been through yet, I am unaccustomed to breakups that don’t end hatred and tantrums and thus I am in uncharted waters. Wanting to keep the person close while needing to push them away a bit leaves things hanging in the thick atmosphere that now suffocates our whole entire home.

Stiffla and Will will be moving soon as the wierdness grows every day and we have decided that it would be best for all involved.

I am fully single again and trying to get used to the idee and the attention that comes with being on the prowel again.

I have never been very good at staying single so this time around I have set myself very strickt rules and you wont see this hunny rushing into anything new, no co-habitation untill Im engaged and since I am very anty marage at the moment I wouldnt be worried at all.

Stiff on the other hand is doing very well, I think he’s falling for a chick and he got some good snogging on Saturday night, all be it not with the same chick.

Will is still single, and seemingly content to be so. he has however spent endless thumb numbing hours on MXIT with a lolita that we will just cal Nicki. recently hes gotten very cagy about the details so I can only presume that things are going well.

Soon I will be thinking up good dates for the boys to take their girls while I hang out at home with my cats.

Either way this is me on Virgin Ground, Single, for the first time in more than 5 years.

I promise to blog it all as I have a gap   




~ by nosjunkie on June 18, 2008.

4 Responses to “Virgin Ground”

  1. aw lee… welcome to my world 🙂

    sounds like the best thing would be for them to move… end of an era eh? hectic!
    you are either very strong or hiding your broken heart like a pro… either way, thinking of you ((hugs))

  2. wow…you have never been good at staying single? I’ve never been good at not staying single!!
    Wishing you luck with it all…

  3. thinking of you lee… HUGS!

  4. well i hope it turns out good.Good plan on the cohabitate too!!

    good luck.

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