My Tarrot card reading …


Howzit guys….

I know, I know. It’s been a helleva long time since I posted …….. anything. I’m back from a weeks leave which I sat at home for some R&R and I’m back today doing nothing for now and I can’t go home cause I have an apointment at 13:00….

Ok, so back to the topic at hand. Some time ago I did my tarrot reading and got some confusing content if I can call it that. 1ST of all, I read that my relationship with Lee will come to an end, which did as all of you know. 2nd of all the reading said I will be very succesful in my carreer which I very chuffed with.

The 3rd one was my problem. I still live with Lee and on the plot. Her family is like my family. I do not wat to move away as I have endless joys there. Yesterday night, I couldn’t sleep, so I switch on my laptop and log on. I check my email and notice a name I do not know and it’s coming from my company but from the US of A. Shocked to see this I though I’ve done something wrong but that was nothing compared to what I saw when I opened my mail. The guys from IBM US saw my cv online and wants to do an online interview with me. That’s right. I may just be moving to the US. What is scary about this fact is that my cards revealed that I may move internationaly….

Anyway… We will se what happens in time … I’ll keep you guys posted…












~ by stiffla on May 28, 2008.

13 Responses to “My Tarrot card reading …”

  1. wow that is great news! keep us posted!!
    still bummed about you and lee tho…

  2. Who isn’t …. but hey, alcohol is another alternative …

    OK… I went to sandton for the online interview… IT WENT GREAT !!!!

    I’ll be hearing on monday if I got the job or not !

  3. That’s great news about the job!! What area would you be moving to if you get the job?

  4. sheesh… exciting and terrifying!!!

  5. It’s in Hawthorne, New York

  6. so glad it went ok, NY… bloody hell, now i’m slightly jealous 🙂
    just PROMISE me if you get it, you’ll take it, this is such a huge opportunity!!!

  7. Good luck. If you move here try to get in the South somewhere thats where the sane folks live!

  8. hey, that’s not bad!! Hawthorne should be semi-affordable (although I think that if you’re working for IBM, that should not be a problem…) It’s outside of NYC, the NY countryside is beautiful!! I hope you like snow.

  9. Congratulations. What would you be doing for IBM? I used to contract for them. I liked working with them.

    Sorry about you and Lee. This might be a good move for both of you!

  10. Got the news …

    I didn’t get the job….. Sad …. but I’ll live

  11. Sorry to hear about you and Lee.

    Congrats on the job 🙂

  12. Sorry, the anonymous is me

  13. ag no man!!!!!
    so sorry…

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