Ink break-ups and confessions

So heres an update that is gonna make your head spin.

Since I last saw you guys much has happened

Th biggest being the fact that Stiff and I decided to call it quits. we didnt fight and we are still best friends but we realised that our relationship lacked spark and that we may aswell get out before we start fighting

The second being that both Stiffla and I got our first tattoos on Saturday and Sunday. Angel is proud of me I can tel. It wasnt almost as painfull as I would have thought it would be and I would definitly do it again. Stiffla got a pentacle on his chest that looks like the neclace I got him for christmas and I got a humming bird on my back… Johan used to call me suikerbekkie so the tatt is apt it looks like the one in the pic only mine has no color.


And the third is a confession.
I think I am a smoker
I am not proud of this but atmitting it is half way to recovery, it was the hubbly I swear it, thats how the cravings started, now I smoke when I drive and when I socialise its terrible!




~ by nosjunkie on May 22, 2008.

11 Responses to “Ink break-ups and confessions”

  1. I’m considering a tattoo of an earring.

    Two birds, one stone.

  2. You gotta quit. But the photo’s hot.

  3. I am sorry for your loss, but it’s better to happen early rather than later, like after you were married five years, or ten.

    I hope you’re still going to the gym if you’re smoking. You need some balance in your life! We still care about you.

  4. OK, I’ll take responsibility, *I* still care what happens to you.

  5. you should take up chewing tobacco!
    see that would break up all tobacco cravings!

    sorry bout the break up maybe its for the best.

    have a good weekend.

  6. that’s an awesome tattoo! oh, and quit smoking, wouldja?

  7. oooh is that your ink? its beautiful lee!!!
    i am very jealous and dying for a new one!!!
    i am sorry bout you and stiffla- but it sounds like you both made a wise choice.

  8. *SIGH*
    i didn’t see that one coming
    hope you’re ok (hugs)
    the tat is swchweeeeeeeeeet !
    welcome to the world of smokers, take my assvice and quit ASAP!

  9. Never quit..NEEVVEERR!!!!! LOL

    This coming froma true smoker

  10. Very cool tat!

  11. oh wow! shitski, I just saw your relationship change on facebook. So, I suppose its the best if you guys can remain friends that is so wonderful.

    Your tat is gorgeous Lee!

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