Proudly pagan

Ladies and Gents I am a pagan!

If you feel you can’t be my friend because of that please leave now cos you’re screwing with my chakras.

This is not as silly as it sounds.

 Today a friend of mine was rejected by an acquaintance because he was not a Christian.

The acquaintance spoke of his religious views like it was a shameful thing, phrases like “what would your parents say” and “look at what the wrong kind of friends do to you” were flung  around.

Now well it is her prerogative and right to befriend who ever she likes, it is the closed minded bigotry that drives me straight up the wall.

This is a person who sits in church every Sunday and listens to the preacher speak of gods love for all creatures and then turns around and does exactly the opposite.

Love thy neighbor but only if they go to your church worship your god and share your views.


I am sorry people but this is why I am glad I am a pagan.

Years of being burnt at the steak tortured and driven underground have taught us humility instead of the smug self righteous holier than though air with which we are still rejected today.

We accept all and promote questioning minds instead of oppressing them our bodies truly are our temples and we are not ashamed of them


I am a pagan, I am a pagan I believe in my own power and the influence nature and the abstract have on me.

I am a Pagan and I am proud of it.


Below I have added the code of principals for pagans as set out by the pagan council of South-africa. They are principals we should all strive to embody


• As Pagans we recognize humanity’s duty towards the environment and acknowledge that Nature is our Mother and teacher. We should strive to protect Her and to live in harmony with Nature.
• We acknowledge the interconnectedness of everything and should therefore strive to practice kindness, generosity, hospitality and cooperation. We should strive for the promotion and enhancement of the Divinity within human beings.

• We acknowledge equality of the sexes and should therefore not regard one above the other. We accept both the male and female nature of the Divine.

• We should honour those who teach and acknowledge those who have given themselves in leadership to the revival and advancement of Paganism.

• We should avoid gossip and the repetition of unverified facts, and avoid passing judgment on others. We should not promote a spirit of animosity towards other religious paths. Ours should be a spirit of forthrightness and a lack of guile.

• Honour is a sacred virtue. Let our actions be upright, causing harm to none. We should at all costs, avoid deceit, exploitation of others, fraud, violence, theft, abusive behaviour, and any form of action deemed detrimental to society.

• We believe in religious freedom and should therefore be tolerant and accepting of other Pagan and non-Pagan spiritualities and religions.

• We should remain true to our highest selves and strive to act with wisdom and strive never to do anything that would bring our religion and spirituality into disrepute.

• We should be honest with others and let them know that we expect nothing less from them. Our word should be our bond.

• Pagans should strive to obey the just laws of the land and its government. Pagans should reject any concept of divinely prescribed law that regulates the behaviour of humans other than the restriction of harming the environment and all sentient beings.

• Pagans should strive to act with dignity. Let our words, thoughts and actions be in line with our philosophy of life, respect and reverence towards all.
Pagans should be open-minded, liberal, think progressively and be non-judgmental.

• A Pagan should practice virtue, tolerance and forbearance, strive for beauty, liberty and inner freedom, as well as towards excellence in all things. Pagans should practice deliberation, directness and act in a civilized and humane manner, always demonstrating empathy for others.

• As Pagans we accept the immanent nature of the Divine and reject any notion of a transcendent Creator. Pagans should strive for the abolishment of the traditional Western distinction between magic and religion. Paganism is a mystery religion and its essence lies in the creative performance of ritual. It is both an eclectic and a protean Path. Pagans should aim at being close to the Gods and to understand the proximity of the Divine.

• As Pagans reserve the right to preserve our cultural and Pagan heritage and traditions in the form of rituals, doctrines, practices, garb, paraphernalia and
religious holy days.

• As Pagans we believe that service to humanity and the environment is service to the Gods.




~ by nosjunkie on May 13, 2008.

16 Responses to “Proudly pagan”

  1. each to his own i always say
    and i think it’s cool that you stand up for what you believe in
    so what does pagan garb look like?

  2. I’m French-Canadian.

    Wait…maybe I should reread this post. I think I got this wrong.

  3. i would never say i don’t want to be your friend anymore because we do not share the same beliefs!
    i agree with you- it is also important to me for those proclaiming to be friends to respect each other’s beliefs and to each live according to what they profess.
    foisting your beliefs on someone, or judging them is just not on.

  4. I think its only fair that the christian should have to only befriend their fellow church goers. It sounds like a tiresome church that teaches that crap.

    Good for you in coming out. I bet its more fun to party like a pagan than it is to party like a christian anyhoo.

  5. I agree with Say It. You could say we belong to the same Church.

  6. All I know is if that header pic chick is a pagan I could sure get into that!!!!!

  7. I thought everybody knew you were a pagan? This most definately does not come as a surprise to me.

    BTW – Just loved Sage and moooooog35’s comments! LOL

  8. ooh- i tagged you lee…

    I Tagged You!

  9. hey really liked your proud pagan pic and put it on my blog… like you b/w girl in front of the pentacle too…

  10. Blessed Be !

  11. blessed be grl!!!! Pagan myself and dang proud of it. my husband isnt actually pagan iam not sure if he even has a religion. but its cool he doesnt care he loves me the way iam and i say BLESSED BE

  12. Blessed Be! I am proud to be Pagan as well!

  13. Ive neve felt any pull towards a religon, but yesterday i saw some people talking about Pegans i felt they urge to understand more about it. im a now in the practice of being a Pagan, there is nothing wrong with it. it a beautiful soulful religon.

  14. Really like my be your post will their be any more you be intrested in my blog we could do a link swop

  15. thank you and all of your fans and friends for takeing a stand for all of yourselves and other pagans.
    you rock keep it going

  16. i totally agree with you. im proud to be a pagan and anyone who doesnt like it can lump it! i,ve been a pagan since i was 15 im now 44, its a religion i love and always will! people like me for me if they dont sod em!

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