It would sound like a complaint if I told you that this week was soooo short, so I am not gonna say it. While I am extatic that the weekend is just outside the door I am rather worried about the fact that I am struggling to finish everything that needs to be finished.

I hate the driving its a waste of time in my opinion and I just dont have the patience needed to deal with Taxi’s. damn I hate Taxi’s I wish someone would outlaw them….. but thats just me.

You have probably noticed that I have not gotten around to everybodies blogs yet and for that I am truely sorry but duty calls and I never get to read a whole post between phone and cellphone cals and the general mad rush tha is my life right now.

But I do enjoy your comments though… I had such a good laugh at the thought of our Sweets sitting around drawing on her toes…

Just a short update sothat everybody is up to date: Will is no longer with Pigglet…the boy is playing the field again and though its sad to say, he is happier than ever.

I am not getting married, possibly ever, its a dumb idee and the though of it simply suffocates me… I am sure this is why I was totlly unable to plan the damn thing. so thats that then. Stiffla and I have not yet discussed the way forward but we will at some point I suppose.

Gym is working for me again, and last night a friend of ours moved from his gym to ours and swore to make Will buff if it kills him. after a short demonstration last night I doubt that my friend is the one who needs to live in fear of death but rather Will.

I am going to be taking before Pictures tonight and I fully intend posting his progress and any other embarrising details that may occure along the way up here very soon. 🙂 🙂 🙂

The picture above is my pic of the week. its called “decorative pair and hope to give you a link to the artist’s page very soon sothat you can enjoy his other workds aswel.

I love this one and the rest are just as good!






~ by nosjunkie on May 9, 2008.

5 Responses to “”

  1. congrats on the gym!!

  2. That is you in the picture, isn’t it, Lee?

  3. you’re not getting married anymore??
    good grief… mwhahahahahahaha ok you have to tell us all the dirty detail 😉

  4. I see you’ve got my Sexy Blogger award. Indeed!

  5. AWESOME picture and nice update post, thanx!

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