One of the things that I noticed about living in the suburbs was the fact that I had little or no contact with my neighbors.
I didnt know them and the only time I heard from them was when Mr. Upstairs got Jiggy with Mrs Upstairs or when Lady in thirty six ran over the cat from 42.

Nestpark however is the complete other side of the spectrum.
We have a seruous neighborhood watch and ladies committy….you will not find a closer community in your life.
Our area was recently declared a conservancy (you can find our group on facebook…. please go join the ELANDSVLEI CONSERVANCY group to see all our pics and activities) we are very proud of this and we have many projects going as far as wildlife rehabilitation and repopulating is concerned.
Naturally this costs money so we have fund raisors and this weeked saw the first conservancy Potjiekos compitition.
it was tones of fun people dressed to themes and there were different prizes.
the captain took third prize for the pot and our group (who whent as Corps kak maak) won the best spirit award….
we were very noisy and the boys all got to walk around with the guns all day they were thrilled.
by tomorrow I will have competed a new page for the gallery and you guys can have a look.
in the mean time however here are one or two to wet the appitite


~ by nosjunkie on May 5, 2008.

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  1. oh how cool is that! what a beautiful place to live!

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