Fuck people help me

opxbee_wallpaper_by_raimyu.jpgShit shit shit!!!!

People help me please…Im trying to break up with my girlfriend, but I dont know how. She is great and I love her…but I feel uncomfortable with her around my friends because she doesnt quite fit in. I cant be myself with her anymore these days and the relationship is killing me…You all know about the pics and cuddle post Lee had in FEB…That is part of the reason…My trust in her is broken.

She is going to cry rivers and that is gona hurt me because I do not want to hurt her, but it has to end. I feel shit for not having a “real ” reason, but somehow my hart is aching and it tells me that it has to end. I still love her, but in my life if you break my trust you are gone…I have held on to her for a few months after, just to try to see if my trust in her will return. It has not!!!

The two of us are worlds apart in the way we were raised and even after a year and three months together we are still very different. I am her all, and that hurts to just let her go…but I cant go on with this relationship any-longer and that hurts me IMMENSELY!!

Please help…What the Fuck must I do?


~ by szarekwill on March 27, 2008.

12 Responses to “Fuck people help me”

  1. Bleeding hell…sounds like you are in quite a pickle! (Said in a Pommie accent) No…seriously though, breaking up is hard enough to do with a 100 good reasons, shame man. Ok, I would suggest just being honest and upfront with her as you have been in this post. There is no other way. Please let us know how it pans out!

  2. Okay Will. Like, hi! I’m Sheena. lee knows me.

    Firstly, are you doing this for your friends, or you?

    Secondly, think about once you have broken up – will you be okay with not contacting her, or having her around? because you cannot expect her to be your friend. If she loves you as much as you say, it will hurt her way more than if she just cuts you out of her life.

    Thirdly, trust is a major thing in a relationship. This is a big factor, and above all else, I would call this your reason for breaking up with her.

    Think things through mate, and if its still the best option for both of you, good luck!

    Let us know how things go.

  3. Breaking up sucks-because no matter what, you’re going to feel like absolute shite. If you can’t be yourself around her, then something is definitely wrong. I don’t know that there is a good way to ever break up, but being honest is definitely the first step. Sometimes two people just aren’t meant to be together (and sometimes they just need to get back to what it was that brought them together in the first place?.) Good luck.

  4. oh will… no one can tell you how to do it, no matter what you do you’re both going to hurt…
    what ever you do- do it quickly. don’t drag it out. only time can heal…

  5. Pull your big girl panties up and jut say it.
    Damn man, its going to suk, but its like geting a shot, do you want them to stick the needle in and just do it or would you rather them slowly insert it?
    Just say it.

  6. I hope she doesn’t read this post and find out how you feel first, it would be a hell of a way to find out. I didn’t see what Lee posted in February, so I don’t really understand what happened, but that’s OK. I will stipulate that you are upset. Have you considered talking to Lee about this? She is in a unique place to provide you with some interesting feedback if you are open to it. If you have waited this long, wait a little longer, and try to make a list of pros and cons of being with her, and never seeing her again. All just you and her. Then decide, and act quickly. I did this once, and never looked back again. Good luck.

  7. Hi there guys… I rather doubt that Will is going to want to talk about it today so I am taking it upon myself to give you an update.
    Last night Will and Piglet had a long chat at the pond and when he came back they were broken up.
    Will seems to feel terrible about what he had to do but there is no doubt in my mind that he believes he took the right coars of action.
    The hard part is the fact that Piglett is our next door neighbour and is kinna part of the family despite the petty nitpicking that goes on. so they cant really cut one another out and they will have to make some sort of effort at being civil.

    at around nine Piglett asked me to come have a chat… “she needs her bigg sister” said uantie sally when she met me at the gate.

    I had a long chat with Piggs and explained Wills point of view on the issue with the picture and why he is uncomfortable. It seemed that untill then she didnt get it.
    I explained that if hes keeping his friends and you still want to be with him then you have to be his friend and not presume that anything will come from it.
    we agreed that a the laid back relationshipp friends have with one another is the only way that they might regain the common ground they have lost.

    Pigglet is fine now there are no more tears and she is hanging out doing girly stuff this weekend.

    Will is hanging out with his buddies too so both of them will have the time they need to adjust.
    Piggs may even start to blog….

  8. Thanks for the update, I am glad that pigglet understands. Send my hugs to Will, he will feel better soon:-)

  9. What is the deal with the pic????
    I missed that I reckon.
    Good job Will, a tough short time beats the hell out of long drawn out misery.

  10. Got to do it. Stop wasting her time.

  11. shame man… sigh… i saw this coming! i think i’m psychic… Will remember that it would have happened sometime anyway so better now than later… trust is so important and you followed your gut, so it was the right thing to do.

    when are we going on a date? mwhahahahahaha


  12. Thac guys.I appreciate it…
    Fuck it wasnt fun…It was damn hard.

    Stef I dont know hey!..Propably soon

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