r152255_544277.jpgOn Sunday the epic battle will begin. the prancing ponies will bay in the paddocs while the boys from working focus their attentions on the goal that last year just slipped from their grasp.

Yes you got it

Gentlemen for the pride of your nations “START YOUR ENGINES

The 2008 F1 season is kicking off in Australia and will See Lewis Hamilton  bide to break Unibrow-Alonso’s record for being the youngest driver to win a championship go head to head with the flying fin…. the ice man himself…Kimi Raikonen in his red fire engine.

The there are the other fights…. 

Will the Alonso be able to drag renault out of the ditch and bring them ahead of BMW…and will this win Alonso public favour again after he’s disgusting displays last year (I for one will take a hell of a lot of convincing) 

Ether way I cant wait, and for those of you who are under the sad illusion that F1 is a pretty basic sport I have been on the web finding these facts to proove the contrary.


1). a Formula 1 race car has a top speed of 375km per hour.  Stiffla drives a Opel OPC with all the bells and wistels, from a water meth injection system too phase three software. This weekend he kicked a V8 Vanquish’s ass and he only reaches speeds of 240 km p/h

2). Monza is the only circuit where these cars are likely to reache these warp speeds

3). Monaco is aguebly the most challenging circuit in the season. during this race drivers will change gears 3100 times

4). Kelogs special K says that following their eating plan will make you drop a dress size in two weeks but during a single race a driver will lose anything between 2kg and 5kg

5). It takes only 7 seconds for a formula 1 car to go from 0-200km p/h and back down to 0kmp/h

6). There is more than 1km of cable inside a formula 1 car linked to more than 100 sensors and actuators

7).  The needel on the ref counter of my corsa only nipps a 7000rpms but a F1 car can rev at 18000 rpm’s

8). filling up with petrol and getting your tires pumped at a service station can take up to 10 minuetes. however some of the better cockpit crews can fill up and change tyres in 3 seconds

9). The tyres on the F1 Car are made to last for 90-120km. I do more than that a day

10).  There are small planes that take off at slower speeds than the F1 car does on a straight making downforce hugely important  


~ by nosjunkie on March 11, 2008.

6 Responses to “F1 2008 I CANT WAIT”

  1. Huh?

    I’m totally useless at following motor sports.

  2. I. CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!
    i am so stoked- i have been mulling over a similar post myself the last coupla days… and no worries lee, my beloved red fire engines are SO going to take both titles again this season…
    ONLY the italians could come up with the fastest track and the sexiest car…
    my favourite tracks are spa, catalunya and monaco. i also love the hungaroring and i miss it in the season’s line up…

  3. In the U.S., we like race cars that only make left turns. You guys are fancy.

  4. HAHA I can see that the lines have been drawn here!
    Stiffla and Angel on the red team ….. Lee and will on the good team

  5. GO Kimi GO *Jumping up and down in thongs and pom poms*
    I whish hamilton all the luck…. But my support is with Kimi and will always be !!!

    Now…. where to find a track so that I can do some laps as well just to pretend that I have talent as well

  6. The Mc Will win,win,win,win oh and gues what….WIN!!!!
    Hamilton will kick ass…but Kovalainen will rip through the ass of those RED puppies….I mean dragons

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