My 7even positive things….

Ok, 1st of all. WAZZUP everybody, I’m the little bastard that you have heard about. I won’t have as much posts as Lee but every once in a while I’ll pop in.

Lee tagged me to list seven possitive things about myself. SO HERE GOES:

1: Lee the whitch herself. Without her I’ll be lost. She make me laugh and as far as I am concerned I know she is the only one that can withstand all my bullshit.

2: All my friends: We see each other every wknd. Miss one, and it’s been forever since you had fun and laughter. Everyone’s got their unique feature and I love them to bits

3. My Car: Lee hates my car, I Love my car. It’s a 2004 OPC with some dynamite. It gets my from a to b  …….. fast

4. Our Treehouse: Love the plot and our wooden house we live in. I can make as much noise as I want and throw parties as I see fit.

 5. My toys: They keep me busy and ranges from pallet guns to drinking game

6. Alcohol: It enables me to do GREAT things.. LOL

7. My Pets: We have two cats whom plays the living shit out of each other, and now we got kitties 2 and they are thee most cuttest thingies alive

Well… that’s the short of it …. ENJOY urself, If you can’t, enjoy somebody else….

PS: I tag Will for his 7 pos things

~ by stiffla on February 20, 2008.

6 Responses to “My 7even positive things….”

  1. Never in my life would I have thought seeing you use the word Cute!!!

  2. stiffla…!! you’re right we’ve heard loads about you… ok why does lee call you STIFFla… hmmm…????????


  3. Its not just me the nickname developed on car forums and stuff like that… People says that he reminds them of stiffla from american pie and it stuck true as shit though

  4. well hello there! its about time we heard from the man himself!
    i love how you describe your home as a treehouse, heh heh…

  5. fuck yeah

  6. Hey! nice list

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