Legallise Prostitution!


Yes you heard me, I would like prostitution to be legalized, no it’s not because I am considering a career change but if you close your mouth and get up of the floor I will tell you why.


Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. It’s been around since before the bible since before Christ and is as old as civilization itself.

Today however preservation of moral fabric has driven it into the dirty underbelly of the criminal world.

However it’s a crime without recourse in our country as the cops have so much on their plate that the booking of prostitutes barely registers on their list of priorities.

And so the problem of underage sex workers and the spread of HIV run wild.


Prostitutes today are at the mercy of either their pimps or the streets.

Various articles in magazines and books as well as a very recent episode of interface tells of how pimps deals unfairly with the prostitutes money, force them to accept any client no matter how dirty or how rude.

Underage prostitution has become a serious problem not to mention the fact that prostitution is at the moment aiding the spread of aids.


My suggestion is that prostitution be legalized and a strict certification system be put in place.

A sex worker would have to apply to be certified and would have to adhere to certain standards. Standards that would include an age restriction and monthly HIV and STD testing.

The license or certificate will be renewed once a month provided that the workers monthly HIV test is negative.

Any sex worker working without the needed documentation is working outside the law and may be prosecuted.

By the same standards brothel owners would have to be registered as well.

It would be illegal to employ a sex worker who does not carry the correct certification and since they are now seen as employers, by law they would have to comply with the employment act.


However certain rules, specific to the industry should be put into place.

– Sex workers should be allowed to refuse a client.

– Female sex workers should be allowed leave during their period should they so chose

– Birth control should be freely available

– And parameters should be put in place concerning the percentage of a sex workers fee a brothel owner is entitled to.

– And perhaps a retirement fund or insurance policy for sex workers who are infected with HIV and can no longer work.

(We also have these 7 min HIV testing stations at the moment, perhaps every client should be tested before being allowed the services of a prostitute)


This approach will do the following.

  -Reduce the spread of HIV by prostitutes: If the system is put in place, people wanting to use the services of a sex-worker will opt for a certified prostitute, those who have been tested and are HIV free. It is no secret that many patrons of brothels are married men who in the end carry the disease back to their wife. We will be able to keep this problem under control. 

 -Lessen police workload: Instead of having to police all prostitutes they would be        able to focus on those trading illegally and those trading in underage sex-workers.

   Protect the rights of sex workers: not only as far as employment is concerned. Sex-workers are often the victims of crime… crime that, at the moment is not being reported because sex workers being in an illegal trade fear approaching the police.

   Protect the patrons from HIV and STD’s: as long as the patron is responsible enough to check that the sex worker he/she has chosen has an up to date certification.


I realize that there are a lot of people who don’t think that prostitutes should have rights or be entitled to protection… you are free to voice your opinion here.

I would also like to know if what I am suggesting is more idealistic than the laws that outlaw the practice in the hope that it will disappear.


~ by nosjunkie on February 18, 2008.

18 Responses to “Legallise Prostitution!”

  1. This way they can also start paying Tax, just like all of us.

  2. I dig your argument … it’s got substance. For me, the most important point is these girls and boys being at the mercy of pimps and cheating madams.

    And remember Vienna? No wonder so many artists went there.

  3. Agreed Gluggs….Agreed

  4. a hooker with a pension fund? not likely i’m afraid. what happens if the hiv test is negative? she will practise illegally again, vicious cirle. i agree prostitution should be legalised, nobody should be arrested for earning a living but for the rest, i pay for my own pension so should they and like glugs said, start paying tax.

  5. well then she loses her license.
    If she had been contributing to some policy she cashes in and retires…maybe joins a rehabilitation program but if she is caught selling her wares without license she gets chucked in jail.

  6. I agree with the whole thing.

    The jail time they spend must also be more than a pitty few years…When you have Aids and you are a prostitute…well indirectly you kill someone…you fuck-up their lives….I AGREE 100% with Lee

  7. Look I have spoken to a stripper or two and the sex industry is good money… some of those ladies earn more than me and if your willing to do that for a paycheque thats your beeswax…(I am not putting strippers in the same catagory.
    I just think that they should be entitled to the protection a butcher or accountant gets.

    once we have got this going we can adress the socio economic issues that drive these girls into this life.
    provide scollarships and training programmes, help those who arent in it for the money find a way out.

    but making the practice unlawfull is simply closing the avenues that can be used to help.

  8. A lot of sex workers DO pay their taxes. The IRS doesn’t care how you earn your money, only that you report your income. “Entertainer” works well on a 1040. (I’m assuming this is a US blog, but I’m not sure.)

    I would also like to point out that the highest disease rates in the country (according to the CDC) are with the 15-25 age group. Sex workers typically don’t have high STI rates, except for needle-users. That’s a different issue. Sex workers aren’t out spreading AIDS, as most people think.

    Most sex workers don’t like the idea of brothels. The legal brothels in Nevada aren’t the best answer.

    You’re all invited over to Bound, not Gagged to continue the conversation!


    PS: Strippers ARE sex workers. It’s a very broad term.

  9. I am in full agreement!!! The one flaw in your argument is that if the prostitute had to pay taxes and fees to attain a license and then pay for the testing and cerification then the “criminal underbelly” would still florish because of the $25.00 bj. The certified chicks would lose money on those so they wouldn’t do them.
    But I am for making it legal and safer.

  10. Hi Amanda
    thanks so much for your input I have been to your sight and I would love to read your book it sounds great really… If you like feel free to e-mail me a badge I will put it up. I feel for this subject really I do.
    however the stuff I know is based on some interviews I had to do at varsity and an artical or two ONLY!…
    Either way this is a South-Aafrican blogg and thats why I am hammering on the AIDS thing, we have the highest infection rate in the world, and if you mention AIDS the government pays attention.
    As far as I know our prostitutes dont pay taxes and I must be honest that this is not even remotely as important as getting these woman and men protection under the law.
    having to practice outside the law means that they are not protected by the law…irrespected of the HIV infection rate we also have serius issues with crime…
    While I am not in favour of brothels either I feel that these woman and men should be given choices…
    At the moment we have parents pimping their under-aged daughters.

    Sage: This is the problem… HIV testing is free luckily and I am sure that the govenment can sort out a cheep fee for licensing… At the end of the day what I am hoping will hapen is that people will be discouraged from using unlicesed prostitutes.
    In my experiance South-Aafricans are shit scared of HIV and AIDS and I am hoping that the prospect of having a safe comfortable alternative will drive people away from the cheap bj.
    I am also hoping that this will free out some time for the cops to get the R25 bj off the street along with the under-aged… workers

    Granted I am mellow dramatic…

  11. In Nevada they do have legalized prostitution and they do all that you said–get tested regularly, have to be registered etc. About a week or so ago, I saw a bit on one of these nightly tv shows about the youngest sex worker-she was 18, just out of high school and decided to go work for a brothel. She had a point…she wouldn’t be making the same money doing another job just out of high school.

    looking at it another way, though, it’s just another job-trading your time and uhmm..talents in exchange for money.

  12. would that solve the problem? it makes me think of the law around not being allowed to give your kids a hiding because there are so many people who abuse their kids. but laws are not going to stop those people abusing their children…

  13. I agree. 100%.

  14. Congrats!!!!

  15. Just a quick note to congratulate you on your move. Sorry that I’ve been neglecting your page for so long…I’ve really been neglecting everyone. I’ve been considering the big move to wordpress for some time. I even started a page and have it just sitting there. I just don’t find it as user friendly and I’m completely computer illiterate.

    Now…on to your post.

    “- And perhaps a retirement fund or insurance policy for sex workers who are infected with HIV and can no longer work.” Total bullshit. It’s their own fault if they become infected. I don’t feel sorry for a woman or man who catches a disease for recklessness and/or stupidity.

    Prostitution is legal in Las Vegas, I think…and there are rules that they have to adhere to. I’m not quite sure how it works, but I know that there are signs all over the place for call girls and other “services”.

    The law in California for prostitutes when they’re arrested is mandatory HIV testing. It’s considered a misdemeanor I believe, when it’s a first offense. Here’s the thing, though…If a woman (or man) tests positive, they’re warned to STOP IMMEDIATELY. Not only because what they’re doing is illegal, but, if they’re caught again, they can and will be tried under California state law for attempted murder. THIS is something I strongly believe in and I think all states where it’s illegal (and legal), should be practicing this law. I think it would lower the amount of infected men and women running around having unprotected intercourse. I guess that wasn’t quite on topic…my apologies

    ON topic, I really liked Stef’s comment. If they turn up positive, in this theoretical situation you’re discussing, I strongly believe they would just start doing it on street corners or through illegal services, all over again. Men wouldn’t know that they’re positive, because, just like any job, there will always be workers that don’t want to report their income. So they would probably just tell their ‘John’s’ that they’re working under the table (no pun intended). They’ll still be doing it on the side, to be getting money tax free, whether they test positive or not.

  16. One more quick note…the minute it becomes legal, if it ever actually becomes legal, I bet that the prices will drop a LOT because of the competition.

  17. Curios Hunny you make a great point and I am very hapy that it is a seen as a serius crime in the states I do believe that intentionally infecting someone is murder!
    so perhaps the pension fund is a bad idee people dont seem to agree but I would prefer getting thme of the streets because the infected Johns infect innocent people in turn.

    I dont mind girls working the streets either as long as they are certified…

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