Valentines at Missfit

Now it is no secret that I am no great fan of valentines but since this was my last Valentine’s day as a Miss. I decided to go out with a BANG!

A carpet picnic was the order of the day, it would give us the opportunity to test out the love seat capabilities of our new been bags. With Wills help me found a movie that turned out to be not-very -romantic and organised Shampers and pizza for dinner.

However the valentines Grinch in me refused to be completely shut out and when it came to gifts I refused to go the soppy lovie rout…Instead I chose a selection of chocolate body paint, chili lips chocolates, Karma Sutra Coupons, and chocolate willie spread.

Needless to say Stiffla went a funny shade of red and kept telling me what an odd girlfriend/Fiance/best-friend/ thingy I am.

Will, having the traditional kinna girlfriend, went for things that traditional blonds go GA-GA for.

a big soft white teddy bear chocolates and shampers…But it was not without my Grinch input as I decided to wrap the bear upside down, he did however stop me from drawing a butt-hol on the stuffed toy…for some reason he didn’t think that Piglet would appreciate the humour in it.

Anyway it was lots of fun, well it was lost of fun after Piglets mom came to make sure we weren’t having an orgy in there… 

I hope you guys had as much fun as we did… and if you didn’t you really shouldn’t fret because its a dumb  day anyway.

By the way we will have pictures of Wills birthday and the Valentine’s day thing as soon as we can figure out how to shrink pics and convert them into Jpegs. I will also do some commenting as soon as i can figure out how to use my wordpress account on blogger.

Have a Rocking weekend

Peace out


~ by nosjunkie on February 15, 2008.

6 Responses to “Valentines at Missfit”

  1. “selection of chocolate body paint, chili lips chocolates, Karma Sutra Coupons, and chocolate willie spread” LOL you go girl!

  2. i had an awesome valentines day- and yours sounds like it was immense fun!
    so were you not having an orgy then?

  3. sounds like fun!!
    Happy V-day

  4. Sounds to me like more people need some grinchy spirit in them!! too funny-and fun.

  5. ooh, change that type! unreadable.

  6. I should have been with you guys, sounded like fun.

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