The day Im getting old

Holy shit!!!

 Now that was a fucking lekker day. My b-day…the day I turned a whole 20…Jeez I reached my 20’s and I still have all my bones on my body and a few dozen scars…Hell I did a good job..Im still ALIVE… Sunday the 10th of Feb was a fabulous day…Me a few friends,family,my girl and shagged on family(Lee) went to Nkwe for the day.

Unforetunately I could not sleep late as we left at 10 in the morning to enjoy a day of braaiing, drinking and jumping. Now when I talk about jumping I mean of a 20M Cliff into a fucking deep duck-pond thingy…It was sooo much fun. Shame Lee was so sad that she could not find an open bottle store so I gave her some of my KWV brandy(best shit in the world).  We started slowly…well they started slowly,me and my friend started strait away with the KWV and Spice Gold. We smoked, drank, smoked etc. at about 12:00 me and Coetzee decided to take a jump…

Shit I forgot how high the cliff was, but we jumped anyway…The second I struck the water I think my willy shrank about 5 inches….Shit it was cold, but we jumped again… The rest of the day was actually normal, just drinking and enjoying each others company. I must say it was actually good to have a birthday and remember every little detail of it. Shit usually ever since I turned 16 I never even made 12Pm…Damn I love my friends for punishing me so vigorously…but no-more on Sunday…

P.S. Thank you so much Angel and Sweetass.Angel for calling and Sweetass for the Sms…It was totally unexpected and a very nice present in it self….BTW Angel you sound like a 20year old over the phone…Sorry I put the phone down, but as I said I was in the bushes and there was no signal what so ever…Thax a million 🙂  

ARIWARI People 🙂


~ by szarekwill on February 14, 2008.

8 Responses to “The day Im getting old”

  1. You are getting a bluddy ruler for Valentines you silly fool dont you know that you first have to reach 5 inches before you can shrink to it. 🙂
    anyway it really was a good day….

  2. haha… i just knew lee was going to have to say something about the 5 inches! LOL glad i could make your b’day even better then it was!!!

  3. You made it to 20? I’m going to start calling you old man.

  4. Yes Clauds please do

  5. woohooo! i sound like i’m 20!!!
    it was very cool that you shared your number so we could call! i’m so glad you had such a lekker day!!!
    and no worries on hanging up dude- i was on my sister’s plot and thought i lost the signal!

  6. Very cool page you have here…I like it….

    I’m so glad you had a great Valentine’s Day…and I too am the “non-traditonalist” hehe.

  7. Happy Birthday, you antique, you. Better keep having sex while you still can before the prostate goes on you. Twenty-one is just around the corner. Stay happy and healthy.

  8. hahaha you guys rule

    hahaha ANGEL LOST THE PLOT! hey angel we live on a plot imagine how hard we have it

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