7 Positive things

The Gluggster tagged me to write a list of 7 positive things and after struggling with the list, I am realising that I really am a glass half empty kinna person..I should make it my Chinese new year resolution to change that…

Anyway here goes my list….

1) True love:This morning when I was in the bank an old couple walked in holding hands.  they must have been on the wrong side of eighty but the clung to each other like muscles to a rock. they chatted like there was no tomorrow about their kids and grand children and laughed and giggled at their little inside jokes. I hope that one day when Stiff and I have been together long enough to laugh at each other as our bodies fall apart that we will still have so much to talk about and that we will still hold hands in public.

2)Stiffla:Last night Stiffla and I were lying in bed, having some random conversation when he said ” When I think of you I think of your Laugh, nobody ells laughs like you do and I love it”. Stiffla doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body. Valentines day is an excuse to buy me chocolates (jigg) so that he can eat them. But every now and then without rhyme or reason and without needing an occasion he reminds me that I am his world and that I love him because he is that idiot who plays PC games all day and thinks that wrestling me to the ground is equal to foreplay. 

3) My Boys:On Saturday nights Durka burns the hubbly… the Captain drinks rum from a beer mug, Poffie gets Slaughtered and wears my bra, Juan finds six hundred new dance songs for us to like, Will pretends to be a sweet little boy in-front of his blond and Stiffla tries to make people eat chilly sauce. These are my friends and I am convinced I have the most interesting group of friends in the world, I love them to bits.

4) My Mom:it took us forever to like one another but now shes my rock. I always ask her advice on everything even if I don’t plan to follow it . She is doing the best that she can with what she was given and I love her for that.

5) My Dad: It would have been his birthday on Valentines and although he has long since left us he taught me to be who I am.  He taught me that its always about what you know and that there is no excuse for failure. My dad is was and always will be my hero and I aspire to be half the person he was and that alone makes me stronger.

6) My Career:Yes my career not my job. I have a very clear goal in mind that and my job is just the vessel to its realization. I am glad that I am one of those people who needs a career and cant just drift from job to job because the money at that time is good.

7) Me:I Rule. no really I do. I am well adjusted intelligent and independent I am lots of fun and have a good sense of humor I rule. Did I mention I have a slight ego problem ? 

This is the first meme on the new blog and I hope you guys enjoyed it!

I am supposed to tag someone so I am tagging Stiffla and Angel  

~ by nosjunkie on February 13, 2008.

8 Responses to “7 Positive things”

  1. I like the site. I also had to laugh at your last sentence in #7. Keep that spirit!

  2. groovy!!!
    i think i’m really going to challenge myself with this one!!!

  3. I don’t have the time for the challenge, but I love the new blog! Did you ever get a working e mail address? And your 7 Positive Things…..I adore positive affirmations.


  4. By the way, I’m also a Libran, and I make decisions all day long. I’m certain you’re actually good at it, I read #7 again.

  5. Of course you rule and your friends sound like they’re a hoot. Enjoy wordpress.

  6. wordpress… traitors!! ok you’re forgiven!!

    touching list lee 😉

  7. but I knew these things already…

    you all rule…just like me.
    and yes CEO my mail adress is sales@rentright.co.za

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