They say that men are like wine and they only get better with age.
They also say that there’s an exception to every rule….
That exception lives with me and he hasn’t shaved his mug for three days.
On Sunday the 10th of February Will is turning Twenty years old and will be entering his last year of blissful bullshit before Twenty one turns him into an adult (yes I am hoping for a miraculous 360)

We are going to spend the day at Nkwe provided that the rain plays the game and if anybody would like to come along you are more than welcome.

However if you can’t join us please feel free to spam Will with text messages all day Sunday
This is his cell number 071 493 0489


~ by nosjunkie on February 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”

  1. LOL you are one crazy woman, LOL… poor Will, if that’s his number i’m def gonna send him an sms!

    i’ve been told that i did my tag thingie wrong on my blog…hehe
    if you commented on my post (50 things about me) then tag… you’re it!!!
    start writing lee, can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with!

  2. yes thats his number I am so evil…..hahahaha.
    Okay then I will write my 50 things

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