50 Things about me

Sweet ass tagged me to write 50 things about me
I have already doen 100 things so if I mentioned some things here that were mentioned before and you noticed it you read my blog to often and you sould get help.
Here goes.

1) I like old book shops I love the way they feel
2) I love old books in general because of how the paper smells you know that mothy dusty smell
3) I am a hopeless romantic at heart. I never show it but I would love to be swept of my feet with something other than an actual broom
4) My slight addiction to oblivion has resurfaced with the release of shivering isles
5) I have never been overseas… never even set foot out of the country
6) I am obsessed with Egyptian myth and history
7) Come to think of it I am obsessed with History
8) I cannot stand being alone. I listen to 702 nowadays so that I can pretend I have people around me when I go on long trips
9) I love Stiffla to bits but I hate his car. Its lovely and fast but it costs him a fortune to maintain and we are trying to finish a house.
10) I love to dance… if I could afford it I would go dancing every single night
11) I am developing a girly obsession with the way I look and I think it has to do with the work I do
12) I am not tolerant of peoples insecurities
13) I have always been a bad speller and I have never ever made an effort to better it. Apparently my spelling should be better than it is because I read like hell.
14) I haven’t been to gym all week and its eating me up its like I can feel the fat grow on me
15) I feel guilty about spending money on myself but spend a fortune on Stiffla without a thought
16) I miss my little sister deeply. She never spends any time with us anymore because I hate her boyfriend, he also doesn’t let her hang out with us because my friends are guys and she’s not allowed to be around guys
17) I think that’s fucked up
18) I swear like a sailor
19) I love hubbly bubbly
20) If I meat target this year I win a trip to Dubai
21) I am getting married at home
22) I read Meave Binchy when I don’t want to make an effort… she writes watered down feel good stuff but does it really well because she starts her characters as kids and then writes their whole life
23) I check the progress of the Angels and daemons movie every two weeks or so.
24) I own fewer pair of shoes than Will
25) I have ugly toes and good looking hands
26) I love Benoni and I don’t get why people think its naf
27) I would rather shower than bath
28) I love woolies food and secretly wish I was enough of a coogle to only shop there
29) In June I am gonna try distance learning again and start my degree in banking
30) I owe my last boss R3000 to pay back my retainer
31) I like looking at my boobs the gyming has done some good stuff for them
32) I delete all e-mails that say if you love god or if you have a heart without reading them
33) I believe in magic
34) I love giving gifts
35) The fact that this time next year I’ll be married creeps me out
36) I have this sneaky suspicion I will be pregnant right after the wedding
37) I am broody, can you tell
38) I want to have boys.
39) I am running out of stuff to say here
40) When I was a kid I poked a hole in my sisters check with a wire coat hanger, broke her arm and saved her from drowning in the fishpond
41) My family never mentions that I saved her
42) I wish I had a desk job
43) I don’t hate pink I just don’t wear or use it on principle…. I feel it represents the dumb woman movement.
44) I hate minibus taxis almost as much as I hate my sisters boyfriend
45) I am over being pissed at my step dad I don’t like him but it just doesn’t matter anymore
46) I am bad at sports and I cant stand people who get competitive when we play for fun cos I am there for the fun of it
47) I hate sweet potatoes
48) I love debonair double stack cheesy pepperoni pizza
49) I like tomato cocktail more than any other drink and people think its disgusting
50) Sometimes I want to go all out goth and go hang out at gospel CD shops


~ by nosjunkie on February 8, 2008.

7 Responses to “50 Things about me”

  1. loved your list lee! people are so strange, that includes you and me 😉

  2. Holy crap. How did you come up with 50 things?

    I stopped at three:

    1) Short
    2) Cute
    3) Likes porn

    After that, I got nothing.

  3. Great list. I love 50. Very funny!

  4. I took off a few hours today to post, and visit a few blogs. I loved your list. Makes me want to visit.

  5. Oh, Nose Junkie, not you, too!

  6. good work on The List…

    now you have to tag the people that have commented on your list.

    dont forget to link back to my blog (www.batchfoo.blogspot.com)
    – trying to keep track of all the Listers and make them into one Long List….:)

  7. loved the list.
    I’m definately with you on the email deleting.
    Sugar if you will fry sweet taters you will like them.

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