I think I am being boycotted, either that or the residance of blog street have all come down with a flesh eating virus
god I hope its the virus I just couldnt stand not being liked.
Yest I know I know I havent been the hottest commenter either.
I always start at the top of my blogroll and work my way down and lately I havent had time to visit everybody so if your at the bottom like poor old sweet ass dont worry I am gonna start from the bottom from now on.
Has anybody noticed that the spell checker doesnt work

~ by nosjunkie on February 7, 2008.

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  1. i’m noticing that blog land is very quiet!!!!! i still love you lee! you’re at the bottom of my list too… mine is alphabetically listed…

    spell checker, you use spell checker?? wmmmmmmmahahahahaha i also noticed spell checker doesn’t work, driving me batshit!

  2. I didn’t know blogger had a spell checker. Can’t you guys spell on or own?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Oh. Sorry. I’m not supposed to be commenting. I’m working too hard.

  3. yes I know I probably have the worst spelling ever but can you imagine how bad its gonna get without the checker?

  4. You’re not being boycotted at all. I personally have a bunch of crap saved up, jump online and post it and run away because I’ve been super busy at work during the day.

    Blogger is a nightmare and I’m considering to switch to wordpress at somepoint, but I’m not all too webpage savvy and wordpress requires some know how.

    xoxo Diva

  5. Hey you! I’ve just not gotten around to e’one lately…I’d not boycott you!!! you silly girl!

  6. well I’m here too!
    I spell so poorly spell checker doesn’t even have suggestions most times it just says the words are spelled wrong

  7. I’ve noticed. I’m a pretty lazy speller and therefore rely heavily on it. Oh, well, enjoy my errors!

    I’m not boycotting. I’m just insanely busy. I’ve been visiting only a couple blogs a day, you know, time permitting. Today was YOUR day, you lucky devil!

  8. Yes, I have noticed that spellchecker doesn’t work. It’s making me look stooopid! hee hee. My hubby is proof reading!x

  9. Oh well okay then as long as you guys have an excuse.
    at least now I know your all still around

  10. sorry hun! not boycotting anyone, but my time in blogland is unfortunately a bit limited….even my own blog is suffering as a result of this.


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