Shakira Belly Dancing

I had planned a more serius post for today, but being Friday, I have decided to save the mellow drama for Monday.
Instead I would like to introduce you to one of my newest roll models.
Yes I do have those.

I have recently started bellydancing and it has become a slight obsession… my whole week builds up to Thursday night clases and I really work very hard at it and like a rugby player might aspire to play like Brian Habana I aspire to be as good a dancer as Shakira is.
However if you look at the video I found you will notice the job that awaites me.

By the way this is my first video and I am so proud of myself


~ by nosjunkie on February 1, 2008.

9 Responses to “Shakira Belly Dancing”

  1. may i have your autograf please…
    Coz when you dance like that…
    and you become a big star…
    i want to make sure i have a autograf…
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  2. I make those very same moves when I’m trying to hold in a bout of diarrhea…or when I’m in public and my testicles are stuck to my leg.

    I had NO idea I was such a good belly dancer.

    Good luck!

  3. hahahaha moog your a gem my dear, a rather sick and desturbed one but a gem non the less

  4. your abs are going to be insanely amazing…you do realize?

  5. That is very very hot.

  6. very sexy.
    Good job on the vid too!! Atta girl

    Now you can do a vid of you belly dancing!

  7. oh that sounds like such fun… maybe i should take it up too- its brilliant exercise!!!

  8. You have to post a vid of you doing it! I have to admit its something I’ve always wanted to learn, at my sisters wedding all her Arab friends in the ladies area were doing it and it was so cool and soo much fun.

  9. belly dancing?! i am impressed… shake your sweet ass darlin’!

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