The church of blogging

After having chased Wills birthday present around Joburg all morning having had nothing but the bitter end of the month salty crack to sustain my energies I decided that it was high time that I blog something new…
The fact that I have nothing to say is irrelevant … blogging is like going to church in that way… it doesn’t really matter if you pay attention as long as you make an effort.
I had considered telling you about the abso-bluddy-brilliant night I had last night but I fear that divulging the details may make Will a little more disagreeable than he usually is and I desperately need a gym buddy to keep me going this afternoon.
I could also tell you about the 5 kitty-rats that have been a squeaky addition to our household but since their mother has decided to carry them into my bed the moment I lift the covers for a good night rest, deprivation of sleep may cause me to say things that the little creatures do not deserve…
Does anyone want a kitty-rat by the way… they will be ready for distribution in less than 5 weeks… because you’re my friends and I love you so much I will give these one of kind specimens to at this special once off price of… wait for it….NOTHING….yes you heard me R0 Ziltch Natta… batteries sold separately shipping and packaging not included.
Come on guys only two or tree of them don’t have owners yet….

Anyway before I start rambling on about bugger al I will leave you… I am sure I will be in a better mood once my paycheck arrives.
I am getting very annoyed with ATM’s at the moment… they all laugh at me and tel me to phone a friend…

~ by nosjunkie on January 22, 2008.

9 Responses to “The church of blogging”

  1. the end of the month salty crack! haven’t heard that one in a while LOL… i know how you feel, church or bloggers, good one…!

  2. dont you remember that salty crack add?

  3. i do… that’s why i said!

    it’s like do you remember… it’s not inside, it’s on top!


  4. ATMS laugh at you? The cheeck little buggers! Never go to the blasted things again, befriend the plastic!

  5. I did bridget… Unfortunatly our relationship was ill fated and I am gonna be paying allamoney for 5 years to come…
    apparently in monetry devorce court the law favours visa

  6. i’m living on coffee and plain spaghetti at the moment… i do have eggs, so occasionally i have a fried egg or i scramble them- otherwise its spaghetti!

    oh thank god atms laugh at you too- i thought i was delusional!

  7. The ATM doesn’t laugh at me anymore. I suppose it feels good about just spitting my card back with a smug look.

  8. I think we all are going through the same thing at the moment! Well, girls at least its a great time to start a diet!

  9. blogging it like church lol your very right.

    I would make more effort to blog like I used to but I’m rubbish and can’t manage it anymore

    have a good January


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