I think I am gonna elope

I am gonna hurl I tell you… Hurl…
If I have to look at another wedding dress or flower arrangement I am gonna deposit my lunch right onto my keyboard.
I hate it…
I hate all of it…
The dresses the flowers the table cloths the everything….
I hate that it costs so much money…
I hate that my mom would rather spend money on a wedding so that people can gawk at me and stiff than give us what we really want (an over seas honey moon)
I hate that I am going to have to behave myself
I hate that I have to plan the fucking thing
I hate that I am not sure that I hate all of this
I hate thinking about it and all the ins and outs
I hate that the bride’s maids don’t want to wear what I put them in
Why the fuck can’t I have bridesmen…?
I hate that we can’t choose a damn best man
I hate that I can’t make up my mind about stuff
And I hate that I am probably gonna have my mind made up for me
I hate all of it… weddings are a waste of money and a silly fucking tradition
Most of all I hate that tomorrow I am gonna want the wedding again and then the day after that I will be swearing again…
Stiffla and I are two of the most care free people you will ever meat.. we are a match made in heaven… you’ll be convinced when you meat us that we couldn’t possibly be happier with anybody ells… we are two broken molds and that makes us perfect.
This wedding thing however is giving us both sleepless nights and I am here to tell you that if I pitch up one day and tell you I got married last night in some court don’t be surprised because I cant take this wedding crap anymore

~ by nosjunkie on January 17, 2008.

16 Responses to “I think I am gonna elope”

  1. LOL, the first person I meet who hates planning a wedding!

  2. I’ll be honest with you. I spent the better part of last year planning our wedding and by July I was screaming the same damn thing!!

    If I had it to do over again, I’d be booking a flight to Vegas, renting a car and going through the “Get Hitched By Elvis” wedding chapel.

    Good luck, girlie!!

  3. If you had asked my advice earlier, I would have told you to elope from the start! It’s just not worth all the crap and money and effort for one day.

    Hmmmm. Angel is probably gonna slaugter me for this. She loves weddings (and planning them)!

  4. aw i’m so sorry its getting you down lee… please scream if i can do anything doll!!!

  5. Im get married in july…
    I was stillconvoused if i should get marries in church or just get marries in court ans have a perfect hunnymoon. Wel thanks to you i made up my mind…

  6. Hi Natalie: yes I believe that I am
    Diva: unfortunatly South-Africa doesnt have the elvis vegas thing but believe me if it did I would do it

    Gluggs you and I are kindred and yes Angel is gonna make meat of your ass
    Angel thanks so so much for the offer but your blog has already helped me out so much I go to the wedding blog every now and then for tips and sigts to search for all the frilly crap one needs

    Anon: I think its all personal prefrance… like me and angel… she is all into the frillies while I am getting goosies just thinking about it

  7. rather have a small wedding and a great honeymoon! that day goes so quickly its unbelievable! remember it’s your wedding after all…

  8. The trick is to trick someone else ( a very good girl friend) to do all the planning and you just show up to enjoy yourself! Congrats to the both of you……whichever way you choose to get married.

  9. All for one and one for all…

    meaning I have no idea,but lee you knew that already

  10. LOL! shame girl! I cant wait to plan my wedding – but I guess when I get there, I’ll be feeling the same as you. 2 words – Wedding Planner.

    Let her deal with all the shit.

  11. Look at it this way. If you elope,you won’t be spending money on a big wedding so you can afford to fly to Vegas and get married by Elvis!!

  12. My cousin had a civil ceremony, which lasted all of 10 minutes and then a great big party afterward, which lasted all afternoon. I hate planning too.

  13. Dude, aren’t you, like, 20? WTF?

  14. Everyone hates it. People pretend they’re fine but it really is very stressful and a huge pain in the ass. Ah, the things we do to please other people. The only good thing you’ll get out of this is the photos too look at later. They’ll be tan, pretty, young, skinny, gorgeous photos. Cherish them and make sure you smile…don’t think too much about the bill or you’ll vomit all over the beautiful dress. This is why at my ripe old age of 22, I’m not planning on getting married, any time soon.

  15. Me thinks you didn’t see you award on me blog? Or donts you wants it!?!

    I’m all for eloping by the way!

  16. Deep breath, Nosjunkie, deep breath…

    Okay, the wedding is about you and Stiffla. All you are doing is publically acknowledging your love for him and his love for you. You are asking your family and friends to help you preserve that love and letting them know how much he means to you.

    That having been said, anything that gets in the way of that simple goal should probably be chucked. If your mom has a problem, tell her you want to get married by a justice of the peace and will have your wedding catered by McDonalds. She’ll come around!

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