Well it’s 14days into January and I am still keeping to my new years resolutions… the gyming is going very well and after reading the gluggsters blog I have drastically increased my water intake.
Its not all bad as I get extra exercise running to the bathroom and back.
I have also had a look at some really nice tattoos for when I reach my goal and I have found some that I really like.
I am thinking of putting it on my thigh…
Saturday was a great day it saw the return of a prodigal friend that I have mentioned before and since she doesn’t have a boyfriend I think shell hang around for a while until she finds another guy…
This was not the only new addition to the house though…
Early on Saturday morning the queen who is yet to be named started showing signs of labor. Stiffla and I took precautions and by midnight my cat had given birth to 5 teeeny tiny squeaking little bundles.
There are three that look like jabba and two that look like their mommy but all of them look like rats at the moment and I will only take pics for you when they become cute
The new babies share their birthday with Wills girlfriend by the way ….

Hey hey
Wait for it

Peace out peeps

That was your Monday anti climax

~ by nosjunkie on January 14, 2008.

8 Responses to “Weekend”

  1. mwaaaaahahahahahaaaaaa… pics of the puppycats please!!!

  2. littly kitty cats??? i’m not that fond of cats…but little baby ones are the sweetest things ever!

  3. AND one of them is going to be kidnapped by me…he/she already have a name…SHARKY…donated to the sharks black and white

  4. Awwww. I remember when my jacked up mess of a cat was a sweet, innocent little kitty..


  5. Congrats on the kitties!! And I like the ideas for tattoos. very nice.

  6. Which tattoo design have you decided on?

  7. I think it’d be funny for you to get a tattoo that says, “Damn, you’re big, go slower.”

    Girl tats….

  8. I love the butterfly one. Really nice. And congrats on the kitties.

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