Rant, Vent, Shit Chukking, Bitching match

What complex creatures we are!
It has been said that one can choose ones friends but one cant choose your family… I have recently realized that if this were not true and we were able to choose our family you probably wouldn’t choose those you have.
I am sure you love all of them and again I am walking the line here but I am pissed of and disappointed beyond believe at the moment and if I cant regurgitate my irrational ranting on my blog then where ells.

Recent events in my life saw me taking a long hard look at someone.
Someone that I not only liked but loved…not based on their personality or good heart but rather because of their roll in my life.
This roll ensured that they had a spot up on my pedestal, and when she finally did something that I didn’t expect ,and mind you didn’t see coming, I realized that what I expected off her was also based on my abstract connection to her.
If my logic and not my family ties had been painting the picture I would have seen it coming before she did…
The epitome of the female stereotype; if I had been honest I would have seen that she is the embodiment of what I dislike about woman.
More concerned with a pretty face than a strong mind…
I looked at other woman in my life and found weakness…..
Contently submitting themselves to a life of slavery under a man’s rule…
Did I not teach you to stand up for yourself…. Do you not know that beauty fades but that wisdom will always be a reliable asset.
Why are we still producing woman like this… woman who’s ambitious aspirations are running for president of planet LOOK-AT-ME-LOOK-AT-ME.
Woman need to realize that it is this kind of shallow attitude that wrote history the way it was written.
Do you honestly think that men dominate the world because they are smarter or better equipped for the job…..?
No they are dominant because a woman will submit to a man’s flattery and lip service. Because we prefer being adored over being respected.
Screw burning the bra, burn the lip-gloss.
Teach your daughters that being pretty will get her the receptionist job and the captain of the rugby team (who will later turn out to be a bitch to his cell buddy) but that intelligence, a general knowledge, ambition and eloquence will get her the MD position and the man that matches her social, moral and financial position.
You are as intelligent and resourceful as any man that walked YOUR planet and can sport intuition and maternal instincts as added benefits in your arsenal.

Burn the bluddy lip gloss and teach them to read for sucks fakes.

Please note that I intend to regert any refrances I made to illustarte my point. But hey wats a good bitching match without regrets

~ by nosjunkie on January 10, 2008.

10 Responses to “Rant, Vent, Shit Chukking, Bitching match”

  1. a blog is perfect for venting and ranting…
    and i agree with you!

  2. Rant away, hon! A good strong mind and the backbone to support it are so important-and you know? I think strength of character lead to real beauty-the kind that shines from deep within and lasts even after the body has gone to hell.

  3. Good rant to have. Well ranted. Don’t have regrets here. Its about time women stuck together, rose to their potential and settled for nothing less than what they earn.

  4. Men dominate because they are physically stronger and don’t carry the burden of procreation.

    Also, they’re assholes. See my blog post today for an example of a random screwball I ran into this morning.

    Don’t get me wrong, Sweet Tits, I hate men more than I hate women. 🙂

  5. OUCH!!!!

    Not all men are bad hey…

  6. good post girl, so true so true…

  7. i’m so with you on this one!

  8. I agree, teach them to read ffs!!!


    Welcome back me, sorry it took so long to read you again!

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  10. Somethin new alreay Lee

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