a bit bussy

I know I know…
I am MIA but with very good reason.
I have been helping out in the admin office as most of the staff have left for the holidays I have been having a whole helluve lot of fun because I am good at admin.
I have realised that the admin staff work a helluve lot harder than anybody els in this place…
so go give your admin staf a hug they work harder than youand get paid less

~ by nosjunkie on December 20, 2007.

8 Responses to “a bit bussy”

  1. i so agree with you on the admin thing- everyone alwas underestimates those poor people!
    i finish tomorrow finally, then i’m on holiday for 2 weeks!!!

  2. i am those people…the admin ones…LOL..!!

  3. Hurry back!!

  4. Twenty-something bloggers? Ahhh, flaunting your youth, I see.

  5. it is so unfair that they actually get alot less moeney than the rest of the people

  6. LOL

    I do agree on some point. But I also disagree I see alot of admin jobs paying more than my whole department.

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  8. Good to hear from you again, however briefly!

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