wedding dresses

Since its Friday I am gonna spare you and strenuous neural activity that might be needed to decipher my normal blog content and instead I am juts gonna ask you which one you like more.
I will excuse all the guys if they don’t participate

I have been running through a few sights and I have found a selection of gowns that I love and I would like you guys to help me make up my mind

Dress one
This is my moms favorite and I am so into the red .

Dress two
This one is Stiffla’s favourite. and yes I am letting him see the dress

Dress Three
And this is one of my favorites I like all of them this is just the only one I found on my own

Now bunnies tel me what you like more.


~ by nosjunkie on November 30, 2007.

9 Responses to “wedding dresses”

  1. The third one, for sure…

    With the second one coming in a close, erm, second.

  2. Crayola your supposed to judge the dress not the babe in the dress.
    but hey I do agree

  3. I prefer the one where the woman stands naked at the isle

  4. All three of them are beautiful…and I’m sure you’d look absolutely gorgeous in all of them…But I think No. 1 is the one….(but in white!!) You’ve got to look more like a princess on your wedding day…no matter how sexy you are….I’m just saying…

  5. oh boy- the red one would be my choice on you for sure lee!!!
    quite stunning!!!

  6. I like your mom’s choice.

    I know, the worst possible thing to say!

  7. I like the red in a cream color. Maybe with a red jewel around your neck and red shoes.

  8. red one and in red! my second wedding dress was also red…

  9. Very very hard to pick. I like the red one because Red is a very bold sexy color.
    In terms of the shape and cut I would say the third, it’s very ellagant.
    I love wedding dresses!

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