PROZAC needed

My last two post have put me in mortal danger of sounding like a girly-girl, I don’t know what came over me.
I mean actually posting up pictures of wedding dresses!!!! What is wrong with me?
Since I never delete post no matter how much I regret making them I am gonna try and divert your attention away from the blasphemy that I was momentarily driven too by an overdose of bridal web sites and lack of beer.
If you are into the girly kina thing I suggest you point your browser in the direction of Sam’s blog.
Yes it seams that that saucy little blond is back from the wasteland of facebook and is promising to stick around in blog land for a while.
I have reactivated her link and will keep it open for as long as she keeps on blogging.
This reminds me that Dan-O is also back from and elective exile doing god only knows what in god only knows where so you should saunter over to his place and add your comment to his already exhausting readers list.

Life in our little log cabin has been uncharacteristically quite and I think the silence is getting to my cats.
Yesterday I found Jabba trying to slit his wrists on a tuna tin.
I am a big enough person (Shut up Will) to shoulder most of the blame on this one as my attempts at anger management have resulted in a serious decline in swearing and high pitched opinionated monologs,
I believe that this also made me a more agreeable person as Will has been nice to me on two occasions this week, however since he put his hunny “Piglet” on a plane to Cape town for her Matriek holiday I am not worrying to much as the absence of the little pink blond will have him back to his tyrannically terrible mood in no time.

Stiffla has limited his living space to the one meter of carpet in front of his PC. I believe this is one of the side effects to “call of duty, modern war fare”.
The man has only left his post to eat, crap and pester me.
Admittedly I have been a bit of a slave to a PC recently too.
The book that Will and I are working on had its second installment posted on his blog this week, after which I decided that it was substandard and needed a desperate attitude adjustment.
I now feel like I have a laptop growing out of my thighs but I am almost done turning the one page installment into almost three pages.
Once this is done Will is gonna proof and approve before we put it up where I hope you guys will be able to help me with the magical fight that is giving me nightmares.

While searching for illustrations to inspire our characters I have also realized that I am slowly but surely leaving my goth art stage and entering a phase in my blogging that will be heavily colored by anime.
If you don’t like it build a bridge.

(notice the erratic train of thought as I skip to another subject)

People are like snotty noses… just when you think their gone for good they come back.
I have a friend like that.
We are girlfriends in the very true sense of the word.
Yes we grew up together and yes we hated one another most of the time, we stole each others boyfriends and made one another’s lives terrible.
She was there when my dad died despite the fact that we hadn’t spoken in over a year and she came back when my fiancé died.
We got drunk together, and danced on stages in skanky clubs for the hell of it, we got drunk together and made out and then we had a fight and then we made up.
She’s tones of fun and she’s a stunning looking woman and the fact it over shadowed by our immortal jealousy of one another.

But things have changed a little … she’s not fun anymore… in fact she’s a bit self conscious and a bit La-de-da.
I know this and I have told myself that we have grown past each other and I should just leave it.
But I can’t. that dreamy bit of me that reacts to smells and dejavu (shit how do you spell that) misses her terribly.
And sometimes that bit overrides the logical side that knows that those days are dead.
Why is that do you think.
Why do we always forget the bad so quickly and run back into our old mistakes with childlike hope and optimism.

Oh look at that I sound like a princess again
I may as well give up now, make my blog pink and build a shrine, to the power puff girls


~ by nosjunkie on November 30, 2007.

15 Responses to “PROZAC needed”

  1. I vote for group therapy! I liked your sappy blogs though. They were the music that calmed the beast during my recent bout with PMS.

  2. hmmmmmm. 😉


  3. a laptop growing out of your thighs? hmmm, sexy!

  4. Being the drug dealer that I am, I can provide you with a years supply of prosac. But only if you promise to ever be mush again! LOL

    *just kidding*

    *unless you have cash, then I’m not kidding*

    *ok ok I’m kidding*

  5. There can only “be” one pink blog and it’s out in LA-LA Land. “Pink is the New Blog” I believe it’s titled. I don’t care for it. I’d rather deal with us commoners.

  6. oh lord no, please no, not the powerpuff girls!! anything but the powerpuff girls please!!!

    i am liking the anime!!!

  7. Long friendships go through waves–sometimes they’re intense, and sometimes they’re barely there at all. I’d create a little distance from your friend, but I wouldn’t let her go. Hopefully, she’ll get through this stage.

  8. you want the friendship back the way it was, cause it was really good then… people change and that sucks, but look at more wedding dresses, i’m sure it’ll make you feel better;-) lee you are one tough cookie, we know this, but you are after all a girl, and it’s ok to be girly sometimes, and i for one will still like you… power puff girls, love them! buttercup is my fav…

  9. hey hey hey dont you dare smug the powerpuffs okay they rule hehe…no really they do…

    And yes you are VERY girly and always was…til you get a dutch oven hahaha

  10. Will go back to the hole in hel you came from!
    I am not girly infact between you and I your remark on the powerpuff girls puts you 100 points up on the girly scale
    you beat me

  11. Some friendships are harder than others. And please, take a break before your laptop officially becomes a part of you.

  12. Love the picture!

  13. LURV the new header!!

  14. Hey those girly post really weren’t bad, it’s ok to succumb to extreme girly-ness sometimes.

    Take a break from your laptop!!! (this comming from me)

    well hopefully your girly wedding plans will distract you from needing prozac 😉

  15. Wooohooo new people

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