OMG I am shameless

I think the thing that I love most about blogging is that there are no rules and thus no damn shame.
I just when along and nominated myself for a bloggers choice award and I voted for myself and guess what I don’t feel bad about it at all
In fact I feel rather good about it.

Another thing that I feel rather good about is the fact that while I was spending some time blog whoring I found out that Angel likes planning weddings and I also found a rather nice dress to add to my “that’s a nice idée” list in my wedding file.
I feel good about this because I am getting married at the end of next year and I am dreading the prospect of planning the damn thing.
Now I can lean on Angel for ideas.

I am also having a hard time with my fingers today… they don’t work.
I have just spelt my name wrong three times before I got the letters to go in the right order.
Hopefully this will stop soon because I have a book to edit.

Okay I’m giving you homework hunnies.
You have to do two things
1) Go make a new Blog friend
2) Go nominate your own or somebody else’s blog when you go and vote for mine and I will in turn vote for yours

Oh and while I am here I am reminding myself that I should write something on Girl on Girl snogging soon


~ by nosjunkie on November 21, 2007.

14 Responses to “OMG I am shameless”

  1. oh i would LOVE to help you plan your wedding!!!
    and i am now looking into the homework assignments…

  2. I have nothing to say on both blogs…… 😦

  3. I got married less than 2 months ago. It was a nightmare to plan, LOL. I love going to weddings, but found out, it’s not an easy thing to do alone.
    I almost snapped, went to Vegas in a rental car to the drive thru wedding chapel where Elvis himself could have performed the ceremony.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. I’m looking into the homework assignments, but if my high school grades are any indication, it’s not going to get done well.

    Nothing would make me want a divorce more than the stress of planning a wedding.

  5. Hey chicky,

    Thanks for coming to my blog and the sweet words you gave me while times are hard, appreciated.
    Ooo wedding planning….hectic.:)goodluck.
    Not taking part in homework yet, but soon I will be my old self then you wont get rid of me, hogging everything.
    Take care.

  6. Oh man, I know all about fingers not working. Some days, I type, and the most random letters pop up on the screen.

  7. Hi Lee! You can remove that “on sabatical” from your blog roll. I’m back. 🙂

    Now how do I vote for you? Hugs.

  8. Homework…what is that?

  9. OK. Not much to say about the post except that I’m eagerly awaiting the girl on girl snogging post!

  10. weddings…lovely stuff… i’ve had two myself…hehe… enjoy every minute!

  11. Aangel: I really am glad that I found your wedding blog,I have already found a dress that I dig

    Grem: Wel thank you vey much for your opinion

    Diva:See what I mean… I am dreading it so badly that I have told myself that I may not do anything other than oggeling dresses till next year

    Pistols: I love the name by the way..and dont worry I am not gonna flunk you

    Etain: Hey hunny I am so glad to have you back and I HOPE STUFF IS GETTING BETTER

    Vally: Its still not better and I dont think the fact that the laptops keys are smaller than my work PC’s keys is helping the situation

    Dan: talk about a blast from the past… I have just been by your blog and I see that your reader base has not shrunk in the time you were gone

    Will: No comment

    Glugs:I have a poblem whith this sort of stuff.
    I keep thinking about stuff to write but then forget or start writing it and it ends up sucking.I am realising that I cant write short and serius. Seroius has to long

    Sweetass: Well good for you hunny.. but to be honest one is good enough for me

  12. Girl on girl snogging? That’s a new one on me. Planning a wedding shouldn’t be that hard if you’re methodical and keep good records. Of course, I used to automate corporations. The good old days.

  13. My wife and I did our own wedding–the average wedding in the U.S. costs over $20,000, and we really weren’t into starting our married lives that much in debt.

  14. right.
    i nominated a bunch of blogs- and voted for myself! and i appointed this dude: Animal Mind as my new blog friend- i’m just waiting to see if he accepts my invitation slash appointment…

    i LOVE the pic of you in your sidebar!!!

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