under the catagory "subjects not discussed"

A little while ago I resolved that I was going to better myself by either, stopping using bad language like I am some linguistically challenged shellfish or by curbing my anger.
Today I am wishing that I had rather decided to stop swearing….
So in an attempt to bring myself back from “the realm of the fire eater” I am posting my second blog for the day.
This is something that I don’t often do as half of the pleasure I get from blogging is derived from reading your comments…usually I give the comments a day or so to build up before I completely indulge myself in the stimulating and sometimes kookie opinions of my fellow bloggers.
However today is different and I am dedicating this blog to things that I have wanted to say ask or scream for a while yet that wont completely fill a whole post

Will is back
First of I would like to announce that after a short absence Will is back…Most of you by now have gathered that there has been a bit of politics and it is in the interest of calming the see’s of disaster that the blog has undergone a bit of a makeover and I personally feel that it has become a stronger representation of the metal head/ sport freak/ stroke pain in the but, that gives me daily reports of the consistency of his bowl movements at dinner time.
In addition to writing about his random brain farts Will, will also ad installments of the fantasy novel that he is writing at the moment.

The blog most likely to inspire a pair of pajamas award

”Maybe it’s just the photograph on Nosjunkie’s blog, but I see her pajamas as being more dramatic. Perhaps black vinyl, perhaps leather. Basically, I imagine her pajamas as a cross between a Cenobite from Hellraiser and Hugh Hefner”
This is what good old Crankster said about me when he did his bit to stop me from knawing though my own pulse today.
And in the spirit of spreading the love I am nomination the following people for this award

Sweet ass rsa:
In my completely uneducated opinion I would say that sweet as cant decide between silky PJ’S and flannel ones with cow spots on them so I shudder to thing what Sweet ass inspired PJ may look like.
Probably hot pants with writing on the but that says “ shut up your looking aren’t you”

Because he’s gone through some hectic times lately. His PJ would probably be Pink and say “ Man of the house” you know those kind of PJ that your significant other gives you and you just wear to make her happy.

Okay no PJ’s here just a pair of underpants with a pic of …well you know what… on the front looking les than ecstatic and a heading saying “board member” hahahaha
You see what I did there

because this lady having lost her granny lately needs some comfort.

JR: I hate to say whet everybody is thinking but JR inspired PJ’S are subtle with black and white horizontal stripes and a cereal number .

On another note.
You guys might have noticed that I am putting al sorts of toys up on my side bar and my latest is the thingie that shows the nationality of all the people who have come by your blog.
Yesterday somebody from New deli was here.
I would love it if all these people left a comment.

I would also like to know why Rabbits blog is Pink?
Rabbit why is your blog Pink?


~ by nosjunkie on November 16, 2007.

13 Responses to “under the catagory "subjects not discussed"”

  1. Welcome back Will and congrats on the Pajamies!

  2. awesome!!! i love two posts in one day- and i also wish everyone who visited me would comment!!!
    and i reckon rabbit’s blog is pink because he likes people to talk about him!
    i’m so glad will’s back- i thought i broke something!!!

  3. i get an award??? woopee, thanks doll! i’m flattered…or should i be? lol!

    my pj’s… my current pair is black with a “naughty bunny” right on my arse…!! i shit you not… oy, but i love my flannels!!

  4. I love how when I read your posts, you’re familiar yet very exotic. And also lovely.

  5. Congrats on the PJ award!!! I like the site meter thingy!!! I may get one!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. you gave up cussing and getting mad?? where’s the fun in that?? 🙂
    I’m glad Will is back…he’s fun.

  7. Glad to help you get through the day. Me, I generally write my way through anger.

    And sometimes I bottle it up. Ugh.

  8. thax people …I THINK

  9. Thank you so much for the lovely award! My actual title is Chairman of the Board, but who’s quibbling? You should stop by the blog, there’s something there for you. And I must have a bad e mail address for you.

  10. I get tons of hits a day from all these obscure places and they rarely leave comments. Hey girl, don’t worry so much. Life has its ups and downs. If it was all smooth sailing, where would the excitement be?

  11. hey who’s deleting comments

    strange thing about will being back is that everybody seems to have liked his dark ass site more than this new one.

    I like these award things I just feel bad that I cant give them to everybody.

    everybody who got an award should put it on their side bar and can then nominate 5 more people

  12. Hey, I actually did a post in convict related PJ’s (Monopoly style). Thanks for the award. I hope whomever visits my blog is comfortable with the content and enjoys it. See you (in the blogosphere of course) after my vacation.

  13. Nice pic !!

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