I realize that this is very uncharacteristic of me but today I would like to share a love story with you.
I feel that I need to tell this story for various reasons one being that love to watch the pages of this romance turn as I am fast leaving that phase of my life behind where whimsical young love may fall into my lap at any turn.

This is the story of Slipknot and Piglet and it started when they met at my house on New Years Eve.
Piglet is my very best friend, a fact that I seldom mention but is no less true for it. She’s a small happy pink little thing who is so cute you may feel tempted to fold her up and carry her around in your handbag.
Having not yet reached the age of eighteen and having been schooled in single sex schools her whole life Piglet was calm and reserved among the testosterone charged frivolity of the New Year celebration.
Slip knot on the other hand had spotted her in the crowd almost instantly and immediately started pestering me about her.

In early February they finally had a chance to chat and it was rather sweet watching their jittery little conversations and shy gestures.
But Slip Knot had made up his mind and when valentines came around the bay made his move…
Piglet was greeted with heart shaped balloons roses and chocolates strewn across her bed when she got home and it truly was enough to make your heart melt.

I am not sure when it became official but today Slipknot and Piglet are inseparable.

I am telling you this because I am the most hanus sister a girl could ask fore my real sister “Tigger” and I are not on speaking terms as I have hate her boyfriend and have one more than one occasions threatened to do unthinkable things to him.
I once chase a bunch of guys out of our house at three in the morning with a cricket bat and a serious intent to use it.

However I have known Piglet since her teeth were the most eye catching thing about her and she is as close to me as my real sister should be. I love her to death and would do everything humanly possible to make sure no harm befalls her (I am not even exaggerating) and I honestly feel that Slipknot would do the same

He respects her and protects her with his every breath.
He respects the fact that she is writing exams and needs to spend time with her books
He gives her time with her friends and her family and at the same time respects her family just as much.
And most of all her would rather die than hurt her emotionally, physically or in any other way.

Unfortunately this fairy tale is under immense strain right now through no fault of Piglet’s or Slipknot’s and because I am a great believer in the power of thought I would like all of you who can spare the moment to just send them thoughts of strength and support.
Make it your good deed for the day and save some of the little love that is left in the world


~ by nosjunkie on November 15, 2007.

6 Responses to “S.O.S 4 LOVE”

  1. that’s such a sweet story!

    ok, i hope i do this right… 😉

  2. Thanks sweet ass
    it means so much you will never know

  3. Thax Lee I appreciate it a 1000 Fold

  4. Here’s to hoping. There are enough unhappy people in the world, and it’s not a group that needs any extra members.

  5. Lee love the names given… Have to say it suits them….

    Slipknot I hope things will turn back to your weird normal self soon. You two made a good match and I’m sure you and piglet still will over 50 years….

    Here’s to the love between a weird badboy wannabe and a cute funky pink thing popping up every now and there and nothing more.

    Goodluck :0)

  6. ok spip and piglet…here’s my positive thoughts sent your way….

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