Random Bullshit for a Tuesday

My Monday blog absence can be attributed to the fact that I had to drive to Rustenburg to close a business deal.
While I love driving in general I do object to being subjected to my own company for these long stretches of time.
I am completely unable to maintain my own sanity if I have nobody near me to drive nuts.
It is for this reason that I find myself rather distressed at the state of radio in South-Africa.
I often depend on radio stations such as 5fm, Highveld and recently Jacaranda to keep me company on the long roads and the unavoidable traffic jams and while Highveld’s Rude Awakening and 5fm’s Morning show with Gareth Cliff and Fresh Drive with DJ Fresh are adequate as far as conversation and topic go I find myself cringing at the choice of music that they play.
While I do realize that these stations have to cater for a diverse group of people and cant please 100% of people 100% of the time would it kill them to replace Britney Spears with a bit of greenday or System.
I am not even going to talk about the lunch time shows on S.A. radio because such boredom could reduce me to tears.
I am petitioning for an all rock station to be launched in a n effort to maintain minimum sanity

On another note.
It seems that the geeks are in season and my weekend fell victim to a stampede of these sunlight deprived creatures and I was subjected to a LAN party.
Counter strike and Heineken was the going poison and even I joined in fore a round or two (but only because they let me shoot at Stiffla).
Admittedly…I am currently coming down from a mild addiction to Oblivion, but apart from that I am not completely taken in by the pixel driven world of gaming whether it be by PC or PS.
Stiffla and Will however, are a mutated form of geek, a point which at the best of times drives me up the wall because it deprives me of the human interaction I desperately crave when I get home.
Unfortunately, until the novelty of “hellgate London” has worn off I am stuck talking to my cats and a very depressed looking carrot.
Have you guys ever noticed how cyber chicks are always uber hot?

Oh by the way, look what wondered into the garden to come trim the lawn yesterday evening


~ by nosjunkie on November 13, 2007.

14 Responses to “Random Bullshit for a Tuesday”

  1. Music is such big business. It’s not about talent or performance any more; it’s about what they can shove down our ear drums. Thank God for internet.

  2. I love that turtle keep your lawns mowed.

  3. i only listen to RAW…the rest drives me slightly loony…so i listen to my own selection… love your turtle!!

  4. Ag common Lee dont lie…

    You were did not have a mild addiction to OBLIVION…you were nuts about that game…when me and Stiffla got home everyday…Lee was on the PS3…and when Stiff sold it she could not stop “crying” about how she is going to buy a PS2 just to play Oblivion….


  5. LOL Lucky you lee…. At least you had a party :0)

    Get a cd or two…. to listen to…. It’s all I use these day’s even tuks are going down on there music selection.

    You have a skilly…. Now thats not fair.

  6. i also love driving, and simply play my own rock to make up for the miserable music selection… i wholeheartedly second your suggestion for an all rock station!

  7. I haven’t been addicted to games for years now, its a feeling I actually miss. I just can’t find a game that seems worth more than half an hour a day at most.

  8. oh, don’t get me started on the sorry state of radio these days!! ARGH!! here in the US, a few corporations own a large part of the radio stations–they base their playlists on what they think the majority of people will listen to and it’s not uncommon to flip stations and hear the same damn song!! not to mention hearing one song over and over until you are so sick of it that a year later you still groan if you hear it! I would love to have more diversity in the radio!!

  9. Rustenburg, far way to close a deal! Were you just signing off the documentation or what?

  10. Do you thing, girl, closin’ business deals and sh*t, LOL!

    Do they not have XM radio out there? It would save your sanity.

  11. ahhh he’s a lovely tourtoise!

    I totally agree about the radio, I gave up on it years ago

  12. Why is the carrot depressed?

  13. I agree, Radio SUCKs … except raw…

    2nd note: Skillie is quite cool !!

    3rd note: I’m I geek of note, and I love it… otherwise i wouldn’t have been in the company i’m in now

  14. Mr R Rabbit

    Go to google and search for america army…. Go to the first link you see…. You can download the game there for free and I’m sure that will have you occupide for a long time… The game are created by america’s army and all the devolopers where send to the army for training to just get the feeling right in the game… It’s wonderful and something els.

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