socking revelation

Since Mondays are such melancholy days by nature I decided to bring this up today even though the thought occurred to me a little while ago.

Some time ago, one of my regular reads went on a short trip…it was supposed to be a 24 hour thing… However when I checked in two days latter there had been no update on this blog and my neurotic little mind started doing summersaults.
There was no way for me to tell what had happened to my cyber buddy… what if he had gotten hit by an elephant and died a tragic death.

While I more than understand that these friendships that we form on the net are not clearly defined, I really would like to know if something happened to you because at the end of the day no matter how abstract these relationships are I still consider you my friends.

I am going to entrust my password to someone in my family today so that if something were to happen to me there would be someone to let you guys know.

Let me know what your opinions are about this.

On another morbid note:
Last night Will, myself and Stiffla were out on the porch gawking at the lightning.
I love thunderstorms and living on the plot we have more than our fair share of skyline to enjoy it but last night was stunning the lightning bolts showered down endlessly…

This morning however I got a glimpse of the less stunning side when my mom let me know that my step dad’s father had actually been struck by lightning… He’s alright but I googled it and it turns out the chances of getting struck by lightning is 576,000 to 1

I am sorry this is badly written and boring but I am in a hurry
Peace out peeps

~ by nosjunkie on November 5, 2007.

13 Responses to “socking revelation”

  1. That’s a tough decision to make, not because it’s a matter of trust–my wife has my passwords, and I never think twice about that–but because it’s always a little hard to contemplate the what-ifs.

  2. Here’s a what-if for you. What-if you don’t have anybody to give the passwords to?

  3. I know that if something happened to me, my Poor Bill would put some kind of closing on my blog. Blogging is more like immediate pen-pals. Its great!

    Isn’t it funny how one persons pleasure is anothers persons pain? ie: the lightning

  4. very tough choice… it would help if something happened, but its hard to take that step…

  5. I’m far too paranoid about my passwords to do that, though I can now at least phone in blog entries if anything happens.

    I sympathise though, I always wonder what happens to people whose blogs just stop.

  6. that’s not a bad idea actually. I’ve wondered about that too when someone suddenly stops blogging without any goodbye or explanation..hmmm…
    As an aside…I love lightning. In FL I used to sit and just watch, like you guys did. don’t get much of that here in CA though. oof.

  7. Always keep an open eye to what-if’s. You’ll never know, Well I wouldn’t give my password to my fadamily friends, They dont even know I have a blog. But I know my friends will post something so they will know in the end. (Well I hope my friends will)

    You know your chances of getting hit are actualy very high. Expected it to be higher in numbers.

  8. I never really thought about that…but I would worry about someone I’d hadn’t seen in a while.
    Sorry about your step dad…glad he’s ok.

  9. okay lee… where the fork are you!!?!

  10. I think she’s hiding, just to see if we worry.

  11. When I went into the hospital, my wife posted the posts I wrote in the hospital. She’s good that way!

    We’re leaving for Des Moines, Iowa on Thursday morning and won’t be back until late Sunday night. I will be out of touch.

  12. heya guys Im here…
    sorry yesterday I whent to Pretoria then to boksburg then to sandton than to Jozi citie and I really didnt have much time to write.

    Okay Gremmie tel you what I will let everybody know if you die and you do the same for me…

    And Rabbit I have read your blogg and I do believe that your paranpoya is completely founded

    Angel hunny you can completely say fuck on my blog.

    Glugs dont be so melow dramatic I am sure you have somebody to give it to.

    Pool I hope that this will not be up to your husband in the near future

    Claudia hunny you should see the lightning we get here, somebody told me that Jozi has the highest concerntration of thunder storms in the world

    CEO: Thank you very much for informing us… its verry difficult to file a missing person report whithan AKA and a discription of your avatar cat

    Crankster: I live on what ifs, I am an obsessive planner…
    I believe it is time that I link you

  13. Lee just please dont give your password to me…I will propably lose it in 24hrs…

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