Wills Blog and Satan’s Birthday

Halloween came and passed in South-Africa with only one or two pubs sporting a cobweb or two.
There was no trick or treating in our neighborhood… leaving me disappointed as I had my heart set on scaring the crap out of a kid or two, I did however hear one or two of the caller on the 5fm morning show tell Gareth Cliff that in one or two secure complexes the neighborhood watch pulled together and arranged trick or treating for the kids. I suppose that if you don’t live in South-Africa it must be very hard to understand why you would need the support of the neighborhood watch to go trick or treating.
Either way it was on this same breakfast show that one of those puritan bible pushers phoned in and pronounced that she would never ever celebrate Halloween as it is Satan’s Birthday.
I immediately turned into one of those people you see in the traffic laughing at their radio.
I was dumb struck to say the least…
Tell me what you guys think before I launch into a massive explanation as to why this woman needs help

I am sending you guys off to another Blogg. First link on my link List…. Go check out Will’s blogg.
After my graphic explanation of our shopping antics Will retaliated by creating a Blogg for himself its called “the mind of a shit stirrer” and I suggest you take a strong constitution and a whole hell of a lot of parental guidance along because will is set on proving why he should not be left to roam freely among the normal people.
My suggestions that he tone down his language has fallen on deaf ears and this Blog is not for the sensitive.

I am getting to posting on every bodies bloggs so just hang on

~ by nosjunkie on November 1, 2007.

16 Responses to “Wills Blog and Satan’s Birthday”

  1. Too bad for the poor folk out there who was also born on Satan’s birthday! I wonder what Satan does to celebrate?

    And Will, well he listens to System Of A Down so you can understand the bad lanuage!

  2. Geez, no wonder you have Will’s Blog and Satan’s Birthday in the same heading. Will needs to calm down before he gets a heart attack!

  3. When I was a teacher, I’d tell my students about All Hallow’s Eve, Samhain, Dionysian festivals, the Winter Solstice, and so on. Some of them rejected all of this out of hand, some of them saw it as blasphemy, and some took it as evidence of the human need to celebrate the divine.

    And some, of course, preferred to remain ignorant.

  4. Its amazing how willing people are to dismiss something as evil with no real information to base the opinion on. Ignorance really isn’t bliss.

  5. mwaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaa…

    i do enjoy giggling at radio callers, all they do is read “you” magazine and think it makes them all knowing! these are the same people who forward emails about killer spiders under toilet seats and ritalin being a derivative of cocaine!!!

    i’m going over to read will’s blog right now!

  6. Gluggs: I love system my blogs name is based on a system song… does that meen Im as bad as will because if I am I am quiting the blog thing now

    Crankster:naturally I have tones of opinions about that… for me to believe in the text book version of Satan would mean I have to believe in the text book version of God wich I dont.
    I do however believe in evil… Either way my point is that Christians believe that Satan was an angel who was cast from heavan, but I dont believe that angels are bound to mortal things like birth and death… so even presuming that Satan did exsist I dont believe that he was born and if he was born do you really thing that a dark deity such as this gives a shit about bithdays.

    Reflecting: I have an opinion about this woman ” my mom used to say Bybel onner die blad en duiwel innie gat”
    she is most likely one of those people who likes to be all la-de-da about her moral values so she can go around saying things like “oh I would neva”

    Angel: Casper De Vries once said that You magazine is like an STD.
    The only thing I like about You is the fact that it is a parameter to measure the decay of our societies intellegence and how much crap you can feed the nieve bunch of cattle that red it and go ” ohhhh ahhhh”

  7. Lee, get back on my blog, and use my email.

  8. LOL i didnt even know Satan excists..

    Ahh well I guess that there is everyday something new to learn

  9. Hey fish
    just sent you a mail

  10. teehee…people are so funny…apparently christmas was also a pagan holiday of some sort… people just don’t get it!!

    happy birthday satan…!

  11. hey sweet ass.
    yes Christmas was a pagan holiday “yule” or winter solstice. what happened was that when empiror constantine decided to enforce christianity he chaged the name and characteristics of many pagan holidays to suit Christianity…this made the transition easier for the populance

  12. To each his own…i guess.


  13. You could make it your mission to stamp out ignorance! It is a higher calling and you do get to laugh a lot!

  14. No! You didnt. Btw., about your brother, and Im saying this out of personal experience, its better to be wierd, than to be boring!

  15. Now why did I read Santa’s Birthday 😐

    You just gave me an post 🙂

  16. Satan’s birthday. That explains it.

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