Bok fever

Before I start my post I want you guys to go have a look at Chaz’s blog. its in my link list.
Chaz and I work together. she is currently verry pissed off about abortion and is voicing her concern in verry graphic terms. Please go drop her a comment.

I understand that Rugby is not big in the states but I would like to give you picture of what South-Africa is like this morning.
For those of you who don’t know the South-African Springboks are playing the English Roses in the Rugby world cup final this Saturday.
You must understand that contrary to the pretty picture S.A tries to show the world things are all but Rosy here and dividing line between races very much still and issue.
However this morning… as I was driving to work I couldn’t miss that every driver in every care was wearing a springbok jersey. Every radio station has played an amazing selection of war cries and I have heard the national anthem sung at leats 5 times.
You must understand that I am not the worlds biggest SPORT fanatic but as I sit here there is knot in the pit of my stomach and my skin is goose pimply.
It is absolutely amazing.

However this is Africa and here every silver cloud has a dark lining.
As I said before, our government likes to portray our country as free of racial discrimination however the truth is very different.
When the springboks get back from France the team will be turned up side down because the government is starting to reform the team.
They are forcing the governing bodies of the sport to have a certain amount of players of colour in the team.
Picking players based on Merritt is no longer an option, we are being forced to pick players based on skin color.
I don’t know about you but this sounds racist to me.
And on the other hand if we are doing this with rugby why not with soccer.
If the team is to be a true representative of South-Africa shouldn’t there be a certain amount of white players in the soccer team.

What do you guys think?
How would you feel if bush said that you had to have majority black players in your baseball team or football team.
Shouldn’t this kind of politics be left out of sport.

Either way after the world cup I am supporting the all blacks and boycotting the Springboks


~ by nosjunkie on October 19, 2007.

13 Responses to “Bok fever”

  1. Yeah that sucks, Well I haven’t seen anything yet but thats just because I haven’t left my house yet. Enjoying the silence for now.

    Racesism will always be there and you loving country will never be with out. The problem are that white wants to be on top and black wants to so us they can be ontop despite there talent and knowlage.

    Haven’t it been the same in the corprate life?? I know of a major big company that had to employ a black lady, As they couldn’t find any suitable candidate they have employed a black lady just sitting there in an office and kept the orriginal person still doing that work as her assistance because law states she has to be black. Well she gets paid over 40 000 permonth for sitting there and got a 5 serries bmw that she distroyed in the first week as her lisence were a fake.

    I’m gonna be silent now, I’ll take this whole goverment out if I dont.

  2. i will stay positive…we have come so far…sure there still are major problems…but we’ll get there…GO BOKKE!!!

  3. I’m with SweetASS on this.

  4. woohoo!

    ferrari forever!

    oops… you can’t tell i’m not a huge rugby fan can you…?

  5. duh!
    I support Mclearen and I am a bif fernando alonso hater!
    the F1 show down is this weekend too.
    Go Lewis Go Mclearen

  6. In the United States, this was called “Affirmative Action” – where a lesser qualified person of “color” would get a job over a higher qualified white person because of “quotas.”

    I believe this has since been dispensed with, using the “Equal Opportunity” clauses.


    We were actually talking about Rugby here (in the States) yesterday..and I would LOVE to get into the sport..but you just can’t find it anywhere unless you have Satellite TV.

    I’ll have to stick to baseball and (American) football for now.

    Thanks for coming by my site, by the way!

  7. Moooog we have affermative action too. and what they are doing is termed quotas and now I feel les alone knowing that this silly sh1t is not just ours.
    Rugby is a whole lot easier to understand than footbal. and its less likely to get you killed. not as fast but just as fun oh and they dont have ply book for you to memorise either

  8. You are as equal, as you can fight. Win the wright to exist.

    Btw. Hockey rules hahaha

  9. Racism doesn’t belong anywhere as long as everyone has an equal opportunity, and that includes equal access. Things have to start with equal access to quality education and over time, equality will prevail. Same thing for sports.

    What I have actually said is highly idealistic, and takes a long time to achieve. No one will ever really be happy until the goal is actually achieved. Racial, sexual, everyone needs equality of opportunity. It’s worth making it happen.

  10. I gotta admit this….The photo of the laced back is what drew my attention completely. It just looks so PAINFUL!!! Ouch…

  11. Nos, in America they have also had this but because our stuff is being played out on the world arena more is seems worse, but it is bad most places.
    The thing is to keep your chin up and the more you think of rassism the more you will see it, and not supporting the team is really strange because is not about your country?
    I honestly can tell you that the black youth also do not approve of getting putt forward, I have black friends and we have debated about this often….what you see in the media is also propaganda…:)

  12. Look folks I am all for Black empowerment and all that but I do believe that the approach is wrong.

    If you want more players of color in the team then you should start at ground level and develop the sport amoung the youngsters.
    I am saying this because very few schools that are predominantly black in our country actually play rugby or focus on the game.
    That way they can have their black Players while maintaining quality

    Granted it pisses me of that they are going to disect the world cup winning team just for this, and it pisses me off even more that they are actually spending money on this while half of our population is living under the bread line

    Fish: I love hocky, dont understand it but love to watch the fights

    CEO:I have no problem with idealism every now and then as long as we are realistic about achieving our idealisting goals

    Whatagem: Hey there thanks for coming by, I hope youl come back, I have a bit of a thing for goth art I cant help it

    Etain: we missed you sweety. I know that the right thing to do is grin and bare it but I honestly prefer chucking my toys out the cot

  13. As Moooooooog35 said….Affermative action is everywere…Seem to me that the whole world is corrupt…I dont have a problem with it…As long as a equaly qualified person gets the oppertunity/Job/Place in a team I wont care…but at the moment all hell is loos because the more stupid fuckers are getting the positions…

    O and by the way MOOOOOOOG35…I live in SA love rubgby,but the NFL is just so much better

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