Happy Birthday Body

As of yesterday I have inhabited this body for 22 years.
Its in the terrific condition you would expect to find such a young model. No disease rusting at the body work and no notable allergies or chronicles to put it out of work.
I am not planning a trade in for a long time yet.
Happy Birthday Body!
Now I understand that there are raised eyebrows right now and perhaps you are muttering something about “what’s that crazy strumpet on about this time” but if you bare with me for just a moment I will explain.

I am not a great fan of birthdays in the commercial sense of the world, it’s nice to be treated nicely and its a good reason for a party, but then again so is a Saturday.
I spent my birthday in reflection.
Since my last birthday I have moved house and in doing so rebuilt my relationship with my mom and sister, I have cemented the foundations to the worlds most tranquil relationship by getting engaged to the worlds noisiest little bugger, I have made two new friends, I have made no money in a difficult job then found a better job, I have bought a car on my own with not a single cent from mom for a deposit, I have changed my religion, I have gone from suicidal to ecstatic to completely content and am now wallowing in between, I have gotten over Johan’s death and learn to let go…I have also become brave enough to admit that my life is better now, I have forgiven Vee, I have said sorry to Alicia and I have learnt to heal myself.
I have had a good year.

This is where I am gonna make sense so just hang on.
My dad used to say that growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional.
My body is growing old
But I refuse to grow up
I plan to apply 6 year old flair to a 22 year old mind till the day that I die.
Because when I am 80 years old I want to be able to look at 80 years of life well lived and say stuff like “are we there yet” “wowie that’s sooooo cool” and “can I go again, ag pleeeeeeas just once more”.

This is too another year
To me sounding this optimistic for as long as I can handle it
To Etain for remembering my birthday from Britain.
To Grem for partying with me even though your on standby
To Chaz for looking after me when I needed someone to hold my hair back.
To Stiffla and will for oblivion
And to the Boks for giving me a world cup final for my birthday

Peace out Peeps


~ by nosjunkie on October 15, 2007.

12 Responses to “Happy Birthday Body”

  1. Oh hell was it your bday??? Happy b LEE!!! 🙂

    I must say this last year were some joy ride and it brought alot of happyness. I hope your following year would be even better and I know it will.

    I was honnor to be there. You know I’ll always be there for you even thru our rought times.

    So does this mean I have to post 😐

    Oh where’s the smilley’s

  2. Happy Birthday (belated)!

    Take good care of that precious young body and you will continue to toast and celebrate it for many years to come!


  3. Happy late birthday!! Very thoughtful post…

  4. I loved the post too. Happy Birthday! And for many, many more!

  5. Thank you so much guys!

  6. Happy belated body-birthday from a complete stranger.

  7. you are too young to be this wise … happy birthday!

  8. Rabbit: Thank you very much sweetie I am glad you came by and hope you make a habbit of it

    Sweetass: Thanks to you as wel but I am not wise at all I just have too much time on my hands to think up crap

  9. how cool is that to be the first post i read on your blog! i found you at sweetass, so happily belated birfdaze girl!!!
    i’ll be back!

  10. Happy belated birthday!

    I love the quote from your dad!

    It seems like you are very well in thouch with yourself. So many other people suffer from quarter life crisis it’s refreshing how you view things

  11. Hey, Happy Birthday!!! Glad to hear you’re doing ok!!! I’ve never grown up myself…and I just love it!!!!!!

  12. Happy birthday Lee.
    Sadly, your growing up, is not up to you to decide. Life will either let you fly high, or it will bring you down to earth. As a birthday present from me, I wish you a long flight. Dont come down to visit us, the sun is over and not under you.

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