My dad and Facebook

I am an idiot.
rather than morning theloss of my reader base by boycotting facebook, what do I do?… I go and join in!
I have now been facebooking for four days and my educated opinion is that it is pointless and anoying. I have added 50 new applications and acumulated enough creeps to populated a small island.
Further more this loathsome silly thing keeps sending me alerst of the stupid applications people keep wanting me to add… and I cant stop it.

However since I have no audience I am able to post the following without serius scrutiny.

I read a while back about how to reach your spirit guid.
The whole process involves a verry long intense meditation.
I have been meditating like a tebetan monk for the past three months with very little luck.
I have concluded that I my mind has ADD.
I battled to clear my mind of everything, especially of the preconcieved ideas of what your spirit guide should look like.
When I was just gonna conclude that every religion has its cooks and the autor of that artical must have been the Pagan village idiot, when a thunderstorm hit Gauteng.
It was the rain that helped me.

Every piece I had ever read said that meditation comes with silance, however last night with the rain banging on my tim roof I stilled my mind and slipped into that never land of nothingness.
I saw many things, people and animals, they slipped into my mind and just as quickly slipped out. Each image was a thought that I couldnt hold onto.
After a while my dad came into view he walked towards me and came to sit, crossed legged, infront of me.
The image became more vivd as he rubbed his hands in the grass.

Thats it thats all that happened.
Kinda anticlimatical but weird non the less.

I believe that my spirit guid stroke guidian angel is my dad.
I believe he said nothing to me because I can hear him anyway and as any mortal I needed too see him.

If you think this is crap, let me know, your entitled to your opinion just dont start a religios fight with me, especially not if your gonna “Jesus Christ” me, I would hate to be responsibel for your loss of faith.


~ by nosjunkie on September 28, 2007.

4 Responses to “My dad and Facebook”

  1. I am battling to meditate, I keep on banging in the inside of my head if you can call it that, but I have to keep trying, my soul is in turmoil.
    Offcourse he can be your guide, it can also be that you miss him and by seeing him it makes you feel at ease, but there can be alot of explenations, so what you preceive it to be is the right answer.

    I also dont get Facebook, I have 3million applications of things I have no clue what they do…whahaha…anyways addiction is what it is.
    Have a great week.

  2. Thanks sweety I knew youd get it

  3. Very nice blog of yours.

    He has, also, translated into Portuguese the Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith.

    He has been awarded several prizes.

    Don’t forget the name of this great author, you’ll be hearing of him soon.

    Thank you for spending time in Universal Culture.

    Thanks for visiting.

  4. Hey Darlin! So glad you’re back. That’s so funny–I’ve been meditating a lot to get in touch if my spirit guides, too. I’ve had a lot of luck contacting my animal spirit guides in particular.

    I understand everything you’re saying about your Dad. I can’t always “get a hold of” my Mom when I want, but she comes to me in songs a lot to let me know she’s around.

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