Cars Girls and Rugby

The first time I had my Tarot read I was told that I had to get in touch with my feminine side.
Now as I typed the heading to this blog I realised that while your feminine side is your intuitive side (I turned to an esoteric way of life) the cards may have been meaning this literally.
So in my attempts to entice the chick in me I plan to go buy lots of shoes and put my make up on in traffic.
After that I will examine my relationship with everybody I know and do soul searching or whatever it is.
I have already tried to make Willem and DeWet go to the loo with me to no avail.

however let me explain the origin of the obscure heading.

having found a new job that pays enough to have my bank manager call me and accuse me of embezzlement I decided that I need a new ride.
I felt that I had elevated myself to standards where driving a car that has no aircon no audio and no shocks is no longer okay.
I dipped my toes in the auto market having great dreams of the cars, that in my past, I could only afford to write about.
I naturally gravitated to the Fiat stilo Abarth. Having 5 cylinders and 2.4l capacity and more luxury and geee-gooo’s than most BMW’s I was instantly in love. I filled in the papers and applied for the loan.
This is where my head kicked in.
The head of a penny pincher who has chosen a carrier in financing.
I realised the impact the repayment of this little hunny was gonna have on my new bank balance… I also realised that this is a second hand car and thus I may be buying the aftermath of someone Else’s heavy foot.
My heart was bleeding for the stilo but my head was crunching numbers.
In the end I was driven to apply for two other options, one was a Polo 4 1.6.. The Polo was less fun less me and less expensive.
I also applied for finance on a Opel corsa 1.4 sport.
Now the Corsa is brand spanking new has all the gee-goos and is R50k cheep er than my first option.
The corsa also has big ass potential.
Now you see I was hoping that the banks would leave me with no other choice but to take the corsa and thus make this librans life easier.
However My man Murphy and I have not yet sorted out our differences and he made an appearance when the bank granted me loans for all three the cars.

So my head and my heart went forty rounds and in the end my logical stingy nature won through and I took the Corsa.
I told myself that at least I could have black.
I called the dealer and put in my order
Murphy had obviously still had a score to settle
“You cant have black” the salesman said “no black”
“okay I’ll have blue or silver” I replied
“we have white” the salesman said and dissolved all illusions that I had about having choice when you buy a new car.
I now own an arctic white Corsa.
At least the hand break works.

On Friday it was my sisters birthday, So I spent the night with the girls for a change. However Laura has been attached to Willem for the past 6months and I haven’t found out how to dis attach them yet. My sister was PMS’ing so I stayed away, besides I still want to kill her boyfriend so I thank god for small miracles. Kerry…. well Kerry is just Kerry. she pitched up in her cool ass punk outfit, insulted Willem, posed for pics then left.

On Saturday S.A played Tonga In the world cup.
Willem myself and Laura took up residence under the fan for the match and it wasn’t long before I was swearing like old sailor with a boil on his but.
we won only just…..
and I have decided that I need anger management classes and someone to come take the remote out of the TV screen where its been lodged since Saturday
Bluddy Tonga


~ by nosjunkie on September 25, 2007.

2 Responses to “Cars Girls and Rugby”

  1. I dont need anger management anymore…I think England broke me…whahaha…anyways…
    I loved my Opel corsa and now eveyr single day I miss my car soooooo bad…..And girly smirly…you do your won thing..
    I tagged you chicky.

  2. Hahahahahaha, why fight the inner you? Or do wot others tell you…? I guess society puts some restrictions on all our lives…what a pity…

    I am crazy about my honda civic. I miss all the “quiet” roads in Cape Town…Not many roads in Gauteng to test the power band… 🙂

    Have a great day!

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