Real lifes great revenge

To think that it was this side of six months ago that I was an obsessive blogger.
My thoughts were consumed with idees about what to blog, I religiously read all the bloggs I possibly could and at the end of the day could discuss little els then my new found sureal social experiences.
Unfortunatly real life also reads my bloggs and shortly after posting that real life is less interasting than my book, the bugger pitched up and kicked me in the ass.

Suddenly my tranquil little exsistance was bombarded with revalations, mood swings and big life changing choises.

I found out that a persone that I thought to have moral fiber was using me as a scape goat for her mistakes, she had done this before, earlier in the year and I had let it go after proving my innocents, but February had not yet ended when she tried it again and this time it pissed me off.
Unfortunatly the woman is to some extent my superior and for my word to hold sway, I have to bitch to the bosss a hundred times threaten to leave the company and then fill out a written complaint in triplicat.
I will let you know as soon as this profesional cat fight reaches some form of consenses.

My job hunt is also taking some interasting turns.
You see I am set on staying in the home loans industry but I intend to elevate my position in the industry, I figure I have done the dirty work of others long enough to be an expert.
In the space of a week I have been offered two positions in my chosen field, one of which is an opurtunity to start my own company.
It is a verry secure proposal and the initial outlay will cost me a few phone calls and a few liters of petrol.
This to say the least is promissing, however nothing is without its snaggs.
You see to take advantage of this I have to leave my job because of conflickting interasts. I have no problem to do this at the moment!
But in origination you only get paid on bonds that have registered at the deeds office meaning that my little company will at best only generate an income in three months

Those three months is where the problem lies.
I have comitments, rent, accounts, a cell bill and a mobile scrap yard that chews emense amount of petrol to keep me driven.
Thus I am putting myself in short term danger for my long term goals still asking if its all worth it

This my friends is Real lifes great revenge

PS: If any one of you tel me to follow my heart I will most likely birth an reindear.
I need logic people idealism has no place in business

PPS: Not only has blogger gone ahead and changed my header to that baby shit mustard colour but it has also taken my spell checker away and unveiled the fact that the only thing worse than my spelling is grems grammer.
So live with it dammit


~ by nosjunkie on February 20, 2007.

13 Responses to “Real lifes great revenge”

  1. Lee, follow your heart and … just teasing. 🙂

    Would you jump at this opportunity if you could find a way to pay for three months worth of living expenses? Is that the major problem? If so, then you can do a few things right now, while you’re still working at your current job:
    1. Figure out a way to minimize your living expenses. There’s always a way.
    2. Determine whether you can live three months off of your savings (whatever you currently have in the bank)
    3. If you don’t have enough in savings, decide what you can sell to make extra cash
    4. Find a way to make some extra cash during those three months
    5. Ask to borrow some money from friends or family

    If I were in your position, I wouldn’t let three-months without pay stop me from doing something that could benefit the rest of my life.




  3. I agree with Dan. You need that money in the Savings account to cover your expenses for 3 months. Sorry dear – or that or win the lotto 🙂
    Just joking. To get behind on your stuff, is not a good idea, you just never seem to catch up.
    try and cut your expenses. Times that with 3, get that amount in your bank and go… Remember you should have leave money to be paid out to you. And if you paid retirement, there is a possibility you can get your hands on that to.
    personally what I will do is, go to work like normal, but start running you own business after hours. By the time the 3 months past, you will have so much work that you will have to leave your job. Do you know how many people want to apply for a home loan, but must go and do it on a Saturday!! That suck!!! and during the week they just can get off…
    To your correspondence threw email at your job during the day – and no body will no…. be smart.

    ps. Thanks vir my comment, ek love life!!! Dis so lekker

  4. I didn’t realize that spell checkers were extinct? Even “Vicinity of Obcinity” is spelt wrong!!

    Scary stuff. Very.

  5. ok i was going to say something profound – but i’m going to say what i feel……

    what you think about you bring about!
    what you visualize you materialise!!

    good luck – i will any day be my own boss that work for one!! you go girl you can do it …

  6. So, what are the risks after the 3 months? Will you be able to make enough to compensate for those 3 months of no income? If this is something you really want, you’ll have to work your ass off to make it work…that can also affect your personal relationships.

    And what was the other job offer? Sometimes, it’s better to take the more secure position and prepare yourself for a job like the other one, get some money saved, get more experience, make more connections.

    You’ll figure it out! Let us know

  7. Hay Lee.

    I know how bad you want to do it. I know this is your dream and that it was for a long while. I know that you will make it and that you will succeed in reathing your dream.

    And Lee as you are my lil sister, I will help you any way that I can. Financially… I’ll help there too. You just make sure that you will catch your feet in 6 months and we can talk. I’ll help and between me and you I’m sure there could get something sorted to set you on your way to the stars…

  8. Sounds like you’re having a rough period there…hang in there and it will get better!

  9. Do you have someone you can stay with for a few months…like family? If not, you have to do what makes you happy, and what is attainable. Don’t kill yourself trying to better yourself. If it’s meant to be, it won’t be so damn hard to get…at least that’s my thought.

    As for the catfight…take the bitch down! 😉

  10. I’ve never been one to get upset about what others say or write about me. Like I tell my students, “If someone were to puke in the corner, would you lap that up too?” As for starting your own business and quitting your current job–have Stiffla pony-up (term for giving you money).

  11. Jack:I have seen you on a few of my friends blogs giving them shit too.
    unfortunatly I am not half as nice as they are.
    it is obvius that you have problems my friend so let me give you a tip
    If the only comment you can think of is the shitty watered down insult about lesser isues then dont comment.
    all you have done is pissed a bunch of good people off

    In short

    do you need a dictionary for that?

  12. impossible!

  13. screw following your heart.

    the best advice I ever got was ‘follow your gut instinct’

    that’ll never let you down….

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