Back on trac

After and short absence that I plan to blame on work related stresses, I am back.
Did you miss me?
Okay I promissed myself to post more than once this week and to catch up on the comments I missed today and friday.

As far as weekends are concerned this one was blast by the way.

As Duckling and I pulled up the driveway on friday afternoon there was a loud appeal that came from the fieldsmen in the bottom garden.
The match was already in full swing.
When I opened the gate I herd the batsman protest mentioning something about the wicket keeper being shorter than the bat and boundry lines made up of tree stumps and thus LBW’s cant be taken into account.
I had a good giggle at them and whent to umpire the game in my stelleto heels.
Almost all the regulars were there and only the grem was amis (not that he plays cricket)
Since Stiffla got that cricket set theres sure to be some form of day night on the Parker lawn.
We had italion food for dinner and watched movies and played computer games (an activity that I cant seem to escape)

Saturday braught along with it the aneversary of Willem ( Stifflas brother) birth. we had planned a small quite get together, nothing big and nothing extravagant. Crystal and I baked a pink cake and marinated meat.
Fortunatly our parties are never subdued affaires and when Dan-louis dragged out the strings the party all of a sudden snow balled
There was red wine enough to keep dan-louis myslef and the grem ,who dragged his but over for the ocation, in running supply.
I still dont know where the wine came from or when the neighbors pitched up but thats what happened.
Dan louis sang then I joined in and before long we were commisioned to entertain on st patricks day.

At some point Grem and I decided that there would have to be a blog meet soon.
So guys this is a call to all Gauteng bloggies, I will supply the venue and you guys bring your “tjop, dop and skrop”. Bring friends too.
I will let you guys know about a time latter. next month some time….
just give me a prelim yay or nay K.
Donsie Chantelle and Grem have no excuse.

Kay peeps sorry bout this but I must go again.


~ by nosjunkie on February 12, 2007.

24 Responses to “Back on trac”

  1. Yeah a Party….. WHoooooHoooo….

    Yeah Lee just keep it for next month, cause this one I’ll not make it.
    Glad to see your blogging again…
    Sad to see I’ll be on the net again…:(

    I do agree. No excuses what so ever, you here… Yeah you reading here…

  2. Due to not having a passport and the cost of flying, I will have to skip the blogger party. I do hope you understand.

  3. @Grem yes i know youl be there my friend you have a stock number at our place, your practically part of the furniture

    @JR: your excused but only because you have a good excuse

  4. uit freaken eindelik! iets om te lees op jou blog!!!

    YEAH!! Party sounds good…

  5. Hey Lee, gosh was wurmbollie om nie ‘n blog te sien nie.
    If I am still in the country and my schedule allows it, I will be there.

  6. Party! yeah dude I’m in, except I’ll have to only be there in spirit!

  7. can i come


  8. sounds like fun!! Like the others across the waters…I’ll have to be there in spirit!

  9. Hay PumokinEater. Your more than welcome…

  10. Yay! Meet and Greets! Yahoo! I’m all for it. Wouldn’t it be awesome to do an international meet and greet? Wow!

    Hmmm. Wheels are turning. Looks like an fantastic time at the par-tay!

  11. I’m glad you had a good weekend, and I’m glad you’re back!!

  12. Lee No comment on Stiff’s Blogg!!!!!!

  13. yay…sounds fun…..count me in….

  14. Set sorted and organised then…. we will have lost of spirits and many people hint hint


    Hey drizzzzzzz when you leaving
    let me know so we can get this stuff sorted before you go

  15. hey chicky….when do you post?…

  16. I’ll come to the blog party if it’s warm there!!!! OK????
    Good to see you back.

  17. Party party party!! Can Double R, Wiggly and I come and have a random [well semi random] photo evening? Preeeeeeeaaassseee πŸ™‚

    Welcome back btw πŸ™‚ Good to read your stuff again

  18. Oh, I added you as a link on my space… you are now noteworthy reading – LoL. Have an awesome weekend!

  19. Lee jy skeep ons af man!!!! Ons soek n POST!!!!

  20. Where’s the new posts? What’s going on here? Please post!

  21. Lee, is that you off to the right in the photo?

  22. 😦

  23. nee magtag man! dis nou hoeveel dae al…. Post net ietsie toe….

  24. so when’s the drinking party?

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