New Peeps

MySpace Glitter Graphics

Well I was sitting here listening to the pregnant girl and the noisy one talk about baby names, wondering what to post about…
Then Stiffla pitched up and gave me a damn good reason to spot (see I know I would find some use for him. His created a new blog because blogger screwed the last one up
hes at

I also have another person to introduce to you
Go have a look at Alleks blog its at

I am into the glitter thing at the moment and I think I am turning into a girl. To hide this fact I have chosen the most subtil glitter for this post
when things go all pink you can start worrying


~ by nosjunkie on February 7, 2007.

26 Responses to “New Peeps”

  1. OMW !!!!!

    The aliens got LEE !!!

    Actually, if I think about it…. PARTY ON !

  2. screw you you evil little child of the force if the aliens take me whos gonna feed you

  3. I love the photos on your blog. 🙂

  4. whahahahahahahahaha!!! yeah, he doesnt think about whos gonna feed him!!

  5. @Shadow: Thanks so much sweetie

    @Sam: men dont train well do they.

  6. I’m happy with restaurants !!!

  7. Thx for the glitter thingies btw

  8. I am the glitter queen!

    Shit that didnt come out right

  9. uhmmmmm … ok

  10. Whahahahha Glitter Queen.

  11. Scary..I’ve been leaning towards pink but haven’t yet gone the way of glitter yet…

  12. I love the graphics on your blog. They’re very unique, and worth interpretation.

  13. Claudia sweetie I have sort of started leaning toward the pink thing (dont tell Stiff and Grem) But i am fighting the urge to go pink with all my might.
    so I counter it with glitter

  14. no hun, but atleast theres love there…otherwise it wouldve been a lost case! lol. =)

  15. That glitter is good chicky!!!:)

  16. Yeah I like the glitter…
    Glitter girl!

  17. OK, that glitter stuff is starting to freak with my eyes a little… but I like it!

    Men train perfectly well, just find one who hasn’t been beaten too much that’s all 🙂

  18. mmm ek dink ons moet vir jou n paar onderwerpe gee om oor te blogg… jy skeep af girl!!! Gaan lees die koerant – ek seker jy sal iets kry om op te comment 🙂

  19. love is always present….


  20. I love you blog Lee!!!
    Keep up the good work!!!

  21. LOL!!!

  22. Ohhhh…so sparkly. 😉


  23. I am into the glitter thing at the moment and I think I am turning into a girl.

    Well what the heck is wrong with that? And you’re a very beautiful girl at that. So there! 🙂

  24. A little pink and a little glitter…don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us!

  25. And soon I’ll know two pink Freaks…

  26. Ok this is it Lee YOUR TAGGED!!!! we are waiting for a decend post!!!!!

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