Buddha Got the wrong adress

Just when you guys thought that you were rid of me I return from the mind boggling depths of blog templates to regale you with a another of my dull-as dogs-water stories.
By this time you know that I do believe in the devine but unlike Christians I dont believe in a text book version of a devine being, I believe that each believe system in their own possesses a element of truth and I will never presume to tell a person that their god is not the true god.
I respect all peoples and their believes and strive to better understand the religions of the world.
It is for this reason that on occasion I visit a Chinese temple near Bronkhorstspruit. Its a beautifully serene place and when you walk the Hals of the beautifull buildings you feel like you have been transported to another place and time.
This weekend I took Stiffla, the Grem and Joan down there as they toO are fascinated by the culture.
Whilst there, I was prompted by a monk to offer my name to the Buddha of meditation. I was given a slip of intricately folded paper to keep in my I.D book, and had to write my name on another slip and lay it at the Buddhas feet.
I was told that the Buddha would now smile on me and bring me good fortune.
It was a nice tradition but I believe that the Buddha got the wrong address when delivering his good fortune because the very next day Stiffla received word that he had won an x-box 360 in a competition
Lucky bastard
Anyway we dedicated the rest of the day to eastern culture and ate at a Chinese restaurant with chop sticks.
I have pics that I will post up soon for your enjoyment
PS: The said temple will be celebrating their new year on the 18th of feb. Those who can make it should come and see.
Its gonna be fun.

~ by nosjunkie on January 30, 2007.

13 Responses to “Buddha Got the wrong adress”

  1. Damn that place was nice … and yeah … i’m getting my xbox in about 2 weeks … bargian

  2. bugger

  3. Lol! boys and their toys! Sounds lovely, I like how you guys experiment with stuff, and try out all these things. Im too scared to eat chinese, always petrified ill get a mouse or something in it!

  4. LOL!!
    There is a Vedanta temple up in the hills here. It’s a nice place to visit, they have a great garden and bookstore…

  5. hahahaha dont eat the rats Sammy…
    Sammy there’s a place in Lakefield where you know you will not get a rat… LOL

    Aaaaahhh what a nice place that were indeed. It felt like I were in China for a day. That place are so beautiful…

  6. wow what a coincidence – my friend told me about this place a week ago and is taking her hubby there.
    sounds so relaxing!

  7. K, will find out where it is from you guys, and MAYBE Ill give it a try.

  8. Thats the spirit sammy
    Hey guys go see the pics at my photo blog


  9. The pics are awesome …

    @ Sammy … the best part about eating rat is that they are half alive so they squeek once you swollow it

  10. Sounds like a lovely place. I was in the gardens of an ancient buddist temple in India several years ago and still remember how serene it was.

  11. Very nice….we have a buddist temple here too…I used to take a mediation class every Saturday morning led by Buddhist monks..was unbelievable.

  12. I love everything Asian! Where do you live that you got to see this stuff?

  13. I live in sunny South Africa somewhere near joburg a little drive from Pretoria and slap bang in the middle of nowere

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