There are a few questions that will burden the minds of man for years to come such as:
-Why is abbreviation such a long word
-Is the pope a Catholic
-whats better to scratch in, your nose or your year
and last but not least
-how the hell do you load a different template to your blog without screwing everything up?
It is the latter that has of late had me pulling my hair from its follicles.
I am no computer junkie and to date my HTML knowledge is limited to how to cut and paste code to places where it says HTML CODE HERE!
I have found one or two templates that are to my liking and I saved these until such time as I am able to load them to my blog correctly.
I have followed the blogger instructions and still messed it up.
So I need help!
give me a hand guys !

~ by nosjunkie on January 25, 2007.

18 Responses to “BLOG TEMPLATES”

  1. This is very nice blog. do you konw Mozilla Firefox web browser?I really loved it,I hope you may want to download and try. thank you.


  3. here … have my hand, i’ll need it back 2morrow though

  4. hee hee i also battled with it but it seems that the new template is much better and i actually enjoy it more. hope you get it right

  5. AAAAg lee lee lee….its easy man, all you have to is, go into your dashboard, then click on…… whahahahahahah……If you ACTUALLY thought that I could help.. sigh. Theres no hope for ya hun. lol. good luck.

  6. I am what you would call an “Old Blogger”. Only once did I try to change my template, never again. Sorry I couldn’t help you.

  7. No no you guys dont get it!
    I have a custome template.
    I dont want to use one of bloggers temps
    I have the template saved in HTML text but cant transfer the damn thing

  8. I feel your pain…but cannot help….;-( sorry! Hope ya get someone to assist you…I’d like to do it myself but dare not.

  9. Nos, die blogg is nie in pure HTML geskryf nie. So jy gaan sukkel om dit net so te transfer, daar is BAIE xml in en ek sal nie aanbeveel dat jy daar karring nie.
    Sorry girl…

  10. Wheres grem when you need the little bugger

  11. ja die code is nogal anders as jy nie die language ken nie….en ek dink nie dis sommer net van verduidelik en whala dis reg nie….ek het myne semi onder die kniee, maar party dae staar ek ook maar net en wonder WTF?

  12. heyy there!!!
    thanks for stoping by @ my blog and for ur kind comment!
    i know a little bit of tampering with the templates, but i didnt get ur question actually!may be if u could make it a little more clear, may be i could help you!
    Take care, and yes i will be back to read more!!

  13. i’m with you!!!! i have no idea what i’m doing…much like the politicians running this country!

  14. I do mine myself, so I can help you if you want. My IM is on my page. We’ll chat whenever you want 🙂

  15. Well, I have one of blogger’s templates because I am pretty hopeless when it comes to HTML!! I hope you get it figured out, looking forward to seeing it.

  16. Lee, if you have your own HTML code, you should be able to go to your blogger control panel (or whatever they call it), and click on ‘template’. This opens a box with the current HTML code for your blog.

    Save that HTML code somewhere just in case. Do this by copying the entire lot and storing it somewhere (like in an MS Word document).

    Then, grab the entire custom HTML from wherever you have it stored, and simply paste it in place of that HTML code that is in the template window. And then save.

    What I would suggest you do, though, is create a new blog to test on.

    E-mail if you have questions, OK?

  17. NJ, i’m somewhat of an expert on defiant blogger template. speak to me, i’ll make it right.

    Quick question: What’s wrong with this one? i dig it

  18. Ohhh Leee the litle bugger is here…

    Yeah the page consist of Html Xml and some php so to just copy and past would never work. But you can make a back up of your template and mail it to me with your new idee and I’ll try and mod it so that you can just upload it again

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