Behind the Veil

I am a woman and proud to be.
I went to school and got an education as it was a right my great grand mother fought for.
I vote at every election as I know there are many woman who are still denied the right to have a say in their country’s (and ultimately their own) future.
I am the equal of my male counterpart and I will not be oppressed.
I have freedom to dress as I please and say what I mean without the fear of persecution.

As I triumphantly make this declaration, I realise how often and easily one takes these simple rights for granted, and today as I read again the story of Jamila I was urged to slap myself on the writs for being as inconsiderate.

Jamila was an Afghan woman who attempted to flee her home with an male stranger. Unfortunately Jamila was caught in the act by her husband and charged with adultery.
Sadly Afghanistan was still bent under Taliban law and Jamila was sentenced to death by stoning.
Her death was slow we can only imagine excruciatingly painfully.
Her husband who had shot and killed Jamilas alleged lover would only spend 12 years in prison.

During the time of Taliban rule ,that only recently ended in 2001, the laws woman had to abide by surpassed any opression I have ever heard of.
Woman were forced to where a Barqu which covered them from head to toe and only provided a Small patch of mesh-like material to see through.
A woman who unveiled her face or ankles could face a prison sentence.
Woman were prohibited from walking the towns unescorted and were not allowed to work or go to school.
In war torn Afghanistan woman who were widowed had to resort to begging to support themselves and their families.

Now years latter the laws have changed but actual change is slow and hundreds of girls and woman are still living in unthinkable conditions.
Many have missed years of schooling and many of the woman in the country are illiterate.

This is my happy thought for the day.
I can read, I can vote, I can work, I have rights and my children will be born to a world where they have the same privileges.
No matter how bad things are in South-Africa we should always remember that they can be so much worse

Peace out Peeps


~ by nosjunkie on January 23, 2007.

4 Responses to “Behind the Veil”

  1. There are alot of times that I dont appreciate what I have in life, most of the time we only realise how lucky we are when we see the misfortune of others. We should be gratefull 24/7….

  2. Still not grateful for painful cramps and bloating… 🙂 besides that..yeah, it’s pretty good!

  3. actually, I saw on TV the other, that the Y chromosome is getting smaller and smaller in humans. They think eventually there won’t be any males at all!! Weird to think that.

  4. mmmm Gratefull yeah. More than that well depends…

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