Check the worry in my eye

I woke up this morning thinking that it was Friday and the realisation that my very long and uninteresting week had not yet reached its end, momentarily tainted my usual bubbly state of mind.
I needed happy thoughts and so I dug deep and counted my blessings…..
Perhaps I am lucky as I was able to name the following among my morning happy thoughts
-I woke up with all my toes in tact ” very unlike my poor sister who had a very difficult night”
-I woke up next to a very lazy pussycat and good old Stiffla (the proverbial boy in a mans body) my little family… and I don’t even mind the morning breath that much.
-I woke up…..
I plan to try and do this every morning for as long as I can remember to stick to the resolution (3 hours and counting).

On principle I find new years resolutions a rather odd tradition and so I am boycotting it by making my resolutions at odd times in the year.
Thus far I have come up with the following….
yesterday I decided that I was going to put a big red “occupied” sighn on the only ladies room in the office to deter the pregnant girl who has taken up permanent residence in the lone lavatory. This may seem silly but I have a bladder the size of an atom and its hard to blog when your eyes are watery!
Today I have decided too seek other employment… I am basing my job hunt on a very simple criteria…”money”.
While I realise that this is a very materialistic basis to aim my professional ambitions on I realise that I am shallow enough to equate money with success.
Tomorrow I will resolve to find a girlfriend. Thus far I have struck the noisy chick with the unhealthy cat obsession from the list of possible candidates and due to definition logistics was also forced to disregard the Grem.
I am not however terribly phased about the success of this venture for reasons pertaining to my personality and the fact that I can always step on my sisters toe and make her go dancing with me (she can bounce on her crutches and be a conversation piece).
By now you must be wondering what the hell the title of this blog has to do with the actual content.
My answer my friend is nothing unless of course you fancy yourself a deep profound individual who can distract meaning from my nonsense (too you “Good luck”)
I just liked the pic so the title came from that and the words are the direct result of the effects boredom and a serious need to take a leak has on a sober mind.

~ by nosjunkie on January 18, 2007.

21 Responses to “Check the worry in my eye”

  1. I also did the 3 things I am thankful for, for a while it then turned in to more poetry and more writing on my part, so each day I just write cause thats all that really makes me feel free and happy.
    I also battled with the female gender they all really irritated the crap outa me(no offense to anybody, i guess I am just a tomboy deluxe, grew outa it a bit)..I met my Tracy(best friend in the entire world)…and we found common ground, and she also battled with the female form….hhmmm….wonder why?
    ah well none the less…goodluck with your venture and the happy feelings…O ja if you look for a job with more money, the euphoria will only last a few months and then you will want more….just useless info…my piece a cheese said….

  2. Thanks drizzzz
    I used to have many girl friends but all of them seemed to stay just where I met them, in primary school, now there a bunch of childishly silly woman blaming the world for their bad luck instead of getting of their ever expanding buts and sorting themselves out.

  3. mmm I did not realise that there were so many woman feeling like I do. Happy to no that some woman are not empty headed.
    Hope you start thinking more positive Lee. Negative thoughts brings negative things!!!

  4. I have a close friend who could really use that advice Dons.

  5. Lol….poor pregnant chick, but i can understand why you’d do that. Woman and toilets…. strange… Good luck with finding a girlfriend, hope shes not as crazy as you, there has to be a stable one…=)

  6. talking of toilest and woman… when I find that girlfriend she has to be one who doesnt want to go to the loo with me

  7. Oh shit why not… and my friends do that…..*guilty* It gets scary in there after a while ok!!! teehee.

  8. I just dont completely understand the point of it and I dont understand why, when Im with woman, I actually tag along when asked.
    And I am not sure what the ettiket is when your there, what are you supposed to do in there together…..?

  9. Well, usually your girlfriend goes with, coz as everybody knows theres ALWAYS a qeue by the ladies toilets, so then atleast you have conversation while youre waiting, also, she tells you when your make up smudged, or your skirt got stuck in you panties, or when you have a piece of toilet paper stuck on the bottom of your shoe…. you know? well thats my opinion on it anyway…

  10. like a wingman I suppose….
    Okay when you put it that way its not that unfathomable

  11. Trace only went with me once, but I had five too many and I was very depressed that night…she know I dont break down in front of ppl, she wanted to keep me save I geuss, from myself…I PEE ALONE..gosh….


  13. Waking up in the morning beats the alternative; however, I’ve witnessed so many people that wake up and have no purpose in life. Good luck with the job hunt.

  14. LEE…..die vervolg verhaal is op my blog…as jy sou wou lees.

  15. Cool girla eks nou daar

    I am going to find me a grilfriend to go to the loo with
    as long as I dont need to watch a girl puke I am fine

  16. I really like the positive thoughts you have in the morning. It really makes a difference on how we begin the day. Imagine the contrast — waking up and concentrating on rotten things. Why do this to ourselves, huh?

    And I agree about New Year’s resolutions. I like to make NOW resolutions. Why wait until January 1st to do something that will improve us as people. Do it NOW, right?

  17. LOL at the bathroom thing…great post..good luck in your job hunting and other “now” resolutions!

  18. Hay Lee can I put on a skirt with some high heels, Will I then qaulify?? I’ll even grow my hair… hehe

  19. Grem I would pay to see that so yes if you don a skirt you qualify

  20. HAHAHAHA Yippy…. So when are we going out???? Huh Huh Huh????

  21. Lee, honey, I’m so behind your happy morning moments! Yay! I do a similar exercise every morning and say five things for which I am thankful, before I even get out of bed.

    Sometimes (usually) it’s dumb crap, such as “popcorn, Wonder Dog Bean, nice sheets, it’s snowing, leftovers” that I appreciate, but, ya know, I’m kind of a shallow, person so it works.

    Your sister’s tootsies are in my prayers!

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