Regardless of the fact that I have had almost nothing to with my long days at work for the past two weeks, I have been very unable to string three words together and create a blog that is worth the read.
This is partly because I have a new favourite writer and have been glued to Angels and demons for the past three days and to DA Vinci code before that.
These great books have had a great influence on my believe matrix.
I have always questioned the Church as an institution but I have now been driven to actually research the matter and form a founded opinion.
This also is a problem as thoughts on religious history and doctrine are causing me serious writers block and I have not been able to write a single good car article and I have deadlines looming in the near future.

I have just read what I have written and if you log out of this page at this point I don’t blame you….This stuffs boring.
For the remaining suckers for punishment…..
We have two running projects (besides the looming launch) that are costing us amazing amounts of cash and time.
We have as yet only partially finished one room in the house and I now also have a 1985 VW Golf that needs an attitude overall.
I must confess, though, that I don’t mind the demand for my time as much as I mind the terribly negative influence that the house and car have had on my tragic financial situation.
I have thus come to the calculated conclusion that, while 2007 has the potential of turning out better than it’s predecessor, its going to be a very very broke year.
That said I think I should have a long talk with the providers of my monthly hush money.
I promise to provide a play by play on the progress the Golf and the cottage makes, however slow this may be.
Damn I have nothing els to say
nah nothing !
peace out peeps


~ by nosjunkie on January 15, 2007.

11 Responses to “”

  1. Yes I know the no money Shize….it sucks big time. It seems like you had nothing to say chicky, but you say nothing well;-)

  2. what can I say?
    I am the Ernist hemingway of bull shit

  3. LOL….True dat!

  4. Lee I cant believe this… Noramlly we dont get you quiet, But then I must say that you were silent on sat also, What wrong?? hehe

    Join the club for more expences than income. lol

  5. whenever I start thinking about my money situation, I always remind myself that prostitution is still an option!!!

  6. I have considerd the strip joint down the road as a career prospect.
    if push comes to shove (in a manner of specking)

    Grem I was not silent I was swearing and groaning quite a bit! I gues that this is par for the coars for joining the VW fraturnity.

  7. My friend and I decided to become madams….but we want up market not trachy yukky yuk, you know what I’m saying?…and if there is a HOT guy we will take him for ourselfs….whahaha…ye right!

  8. haha!
    great idea…
    one would call it an innovative use of human resources

  9. anybody volunteering to be robbed ???

    I need money ..

  10. Hi Lee! I’ve never read those books but I’ve always had a healthy distrust of anything organized: any religion, any government, etc.

    And about your financial woes. I’m so sorry to hear that 2007 might be a broke year. It may not help you, but Thoreau once said “I make myself rich by making my wants few”.

    Yes, I know, easier said than done. 🙂

  11. NO Lee thats nothing to do with VW. The thing is just you got an oldie… and you must really love that car to apresiate it.

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